For over thirteen years our small, Boulder based team has quietly strategized, designed and built thousands of products for the industries leading brands. There were always very specific end use criteria but just as often these products were asked to be styled to compliment an outdoor lifestyle and the trends of the time.

We have learned and endured a lot through these many projects; successes, a recession, climate change screwing up the seasons, becoming the Scapegoat (for awhile anyway) along with the ever present change in trends and consumer taste.  Through it all, there were always those core products that consumers consistently responded to favorably. Gear that was truly needed and wanted.  

Our Standard is living and working in our home state of Colorado. It is this place that has shaped us as users and product professionals. A region with four amazing seasons and all the weather that goes with that rhythm. Throughout the mountain time zone Colorado shares, you find the most diverse mix of landscapes in the world…from Canadian glaciers through incredible waterways, to painted deserts down to the surf of Baja.

We are ready to launch a new company that celebrates the towns, activities, seasons, terrains and people that call this time zone home.

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