7 Mountain Pups on Instagram

If you're like us, you can divide your instagram feed into two distinct categories: beautiful mountain landscapes, and puppies. This is okay. We love both of these things too. But did you know that there are canines out there actually living the RIMBY life themselves, and posting about it on the regular? We've coined the term #mountainpup to describe these adventurous canines. While we try to figure out an effective way to make these dogs into bonafide Field Agents, here are 7 accounts to follow for quality mountain puppy content. 

1. @allterrainpug

If "rock climbing pug dressed as a t-rex" sounds like something you've been missing all your life, then you need to follow Gus, the one and only "all-terrain pug." Don't let his small stature fool you, this pup is quite the little scrambler. We hear Gus' human, Cedar Wright, is an alright climber too. 

2. @goldilocksandthewolf

Fairytales are fiction, but the beauty-filled lives of Kyro and her human, Amanda, are straight out of a bedtime story. Turns out the "big bad wolf" is just a fluffy husky that loves playing in the snow.

3. @pawsthatwander

We think its totally acceptable to measure success by the number of badass adventure dogs in your life. By this standard, @pawsthatwander is killing it. On this account you'll find not one, but two canines romping all over the PNW wilderness.

4. @rigs_aussie

Rigby, a seven month old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd, is a dog that'd look beautiful in pretty much any situation. The addition of mountain landscapes is almost an aesthetic overload. Almost.

5. @banditbear277

Here we have a dog fully embracing all facets of RIMBY-life. Modern studio in RIMBY epicenter, Denver? Check. Craft beers and smiling friends? Check. Adventure-filled weekends in the Rockies? Check!

6. @loki_the_wolfdog

With nearly 1 million followers at the time of this post, if you're on instagram, chances are you already follow this badass, life-loving mountain wolf pup. Loki and his human, Kelly Lund, have forged an incredible friendship in the wilderness, whether romping through powder, bagging Colorado's high peaks, or just lounging around in hammocks. We're proud supporters of the duo, which is why you may see a few Mountain Standard Trucker Hats as you peruse this account.

7. @thehonesthound

If you've made it this far in the list and still need motivation to bring your pup into the wild with you, this account should seal the deal. In an instagram world dominated by husky-wolf mixes, this account reminds us that pups of every variety can thrive in the outdoors.

Power on Dog-podres!

- JP


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