Instagram Takeover with Kathleen Morton

I always get a bit of anxiety before a road trip. I'm excited for all the things I will see and experience, but I'm also scared of the unknown--that jolt of nervousness knowing that it would be easier to stay at home instead.

Over the past few years, I have learned that being comfortable is overrated. The times we remember are not the ones where we're snuggled up warm indoors. The moments that stick out are much grittier, and might downright suck at the time. But these are the moments we recall over campfires, and laugh about with our friends.

The next time you're trying to decide if you should do that thing that scares you. Do it, don't hesitate. It might turn out that the fear was just something you created in your head. Better yet, you'll have to overcome it, and inside that process the best adventures take place.

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