Logo Creation

There are a few brand identities out there that originated from my hand, start to finish.  For Mountain Standard, it was much more personal for all of us, as we had to capture everything about this place and our perspective.  Finding a name that had depth, but that was also protectable, proved to be difficult.

Mountain Standard was not the original name, but one we “found” after churning through about a dozen others. The real challenge became the overall visual identity.  With "standard" in the name, we couldn't have anything fancy or over designed, we almost had a duty to keep it simple. We quickly eliminated the obvious elements of mountains (our industry is full of these examples.) The market has evolved and Mountain Standard needed to speak to this.

I started with sketching the words over and over in my notebook.  Quickly, it was clear that the word forms lined up nicely with the same amount of letters and space. When stacked, they shared the same weight. Instincts told me the logo had to be in all caps, exploring monotypes was a great start. In the end it became a custom type job based on my two favorite typefaces; Apercu and Lutz.    

After settling on a type direction, we agreed the logo needed some sort of housing or carrier. The “borders” began to represent a lot; a moment, a sighting,  an experience, a trip, the time zone, a state of being.  When I got back in front of my machine I knew we were on to something…


By Grant Dupré

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