Central Idaho River

Fishing the high deserts of Idaho with friends like Nick, is a treat and a rarity. It seems as though one of us is always in the shop or guiding the rivers that surround our homes in Picabo, Idaho.  We get after the fish, but a few beers and some laughs are the only guarantee as Silver Creek will humble any angler on any given day. 

Rolling out to the Creek on this particular day was fitting. An early morning hauling grasshoppers at the far bank is productive despite very cold mountain air. The late morning turns into a bluebird one that I can feel is on the cusp of fall. 

We meet up with another guide Taite and start right in on the first Mahogany Dun hatch of the season. Serendipity is half the battle on Silver Creek. She can turn off and on at any given moment. 

The wind eventually comes up and cool fall air reminds us how few of these days are left. The fish stop rising, but we fish harder. To beat the wind we break out big Brown Trout teasing streamers and check into little spots we know like “The Haunted House” or “The Boards.” 

Evening comes on quick and a campfire gets lit. A big smile is on my face as my gal shows up and promptly steals my hoodie for fire-time. The storms go off with lighting displays all around, yet our little valley on Silver Creek stays warm and dry this night.  We empty the cooler over blissful stories of big Brown Trout and future days stalking the Creek.  Another classic October day in Idaho…

By John Huber – fisherman, guide, shop owner, author

Thanks to the crew at Picabo Angler and Nick Price for capturing the good time.  Hope to see you guys soon. Cuba maybe?? 

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