Mountain Standard State of Mind

We’ve had a lot of questions from people the live outside of the Mountain Standard Time Zone asking if they are part of our story. Because of this I was asked the following question: “Are you solely interested in the mountain standard region, or is there also room for people that share the same state of mind?”

Truth is, some of my best buddies live outside of the MST time zone.  By no means are they excluded, they have all tasted this lifestyle, they get the vibe, and they all can admit they dig coming back to the Colorado Plateau, the Rockies and the spirit world (AKA the Southwest).  This region is right in our backyard. It's our playground.  The rapid change in environments here is what people groove on.  The temperature and precip can shift more in 6 hours than it does in a whole year in So. Cal.  I don’t want to say we’re grittier here, but try going on a mountain bike ride with a Crested Butte local, it’s pretty gritty.  

If we took some sort of census of who lives in this area, you’d find no one is really ‘from’ here.  I was just lucky to have parents that brought their kids here in the 70's.  Living in the Mountain Standard time zone is a childhood dream realized for most people. 

- Jason Olden, Co-Founder

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