Camp David

Rolling out of town always takes longer then you think…. there is always stuff to get, friends to pick-up and coolers to ice.  Somehow you still leave hungry and missing that one thing you reminded yourself of so many times not to forget.  This time it was the goggles. Last stop was Golden to get setup on the new SB5 and SB6.  Freshly loaded with most of the essentials on board, we hit the highway and with a quick stop for BBQ we were desert bound. 

Eventually, the western slope of Colorado provides the space and vistas one needs to let the mind drift and wonder a bit about the few days ahead. After awhile a familiar turn south brings back memories… days when the tails were hard and the there were only two places to eat.  For the most part trips to this zone are the same as always…. Great friends, good food, healthy adventure, solitude, and a seasoned mix of sweat, sand, chain lube, and Cholula®.   

When we arrived in the desert it seemed packed.  You find however with just a bit of pedal power or throttle you can find yourself in a place of complete solitude, full of the most amazing views in all directions, and void of human interaction.  Ah yes, the desert.  You are reminded of a place that feels as close to the spirit world as you want to imagine.  A place where you can get lost and find yourself all at once.  

On this trip we opted for a stay at Camp David.  This place is magical.  A compound near the town but with the latch of the gate you feel as though you have the whole place to yourself.  Life at Camp David is perfect. Access to the best Eggs Verde is the perfect pregame to an all-day Whole Enchilada.   

Day one we start the morning early. The shuttle loaded with our Yetis and a hour long ride up to the top of Burro Pass.  Starting at 10500 ft you realize the desert offers the most diverse terrain.  Dropping in to Dark forest, through to Aspens followed by brush laden single track.  With a stop for lunch comprised of smashed sandwiches, beef jerky, and a hydration check, we find ourselves overlooking the a 1000 vertical foot drop to the valley below.  A full day effort of keeping the rubber side down, staying hydrated and attempting lines you never thought possible. With the “Squirrel” leading the way and the Yeti’s under saddle you realize you will try anything once.  

Day two we circled the wagons out by the stinky well and unloaded the motos for a different kind of two wheeled fun. In this part of Utah, the deeper you go the more freedoms you gain….more solitude and room to throttle, have raging bonfires, and some target practice.  If yesterday was an enchilada, this day proved to be one big combo plate. From sandy washes and slick rock drops, a mix of roads and single track and dusty desert washes there was no terrain we didn’t attempt to conquer.  

With enough beer to see the sun go down and fire go up (we gotta find out what kind of wood that was) we returned to camp david for one last night of camaraderie, laughs, and tellin’ lies. Desert season never disappoints.  Again this place has offered us exactly what we came for. Those experiences, that while only two days in length, last a lifetime.  All that was missing at Camp David was Dave at Camp.  Rest assured we will be back again.

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