Pacific Standard to Mountain Standard

Three months ago this week, I traded the ocean for the desert, the Cascades for the Rockies, and the Pacific Northwest for the peaks of the American West. I unintentionally managed to bring the Northwest monsoon with me for a month (sorry, Boulder). What I
ve found is a love of adventure, climbing and enthusiasm for the outdoors that is much like the Northwest, but has branched into its own unique culture. 

Mountain Standard means that adventure is right at our fingertips every day. It isnt about waiting for opportunities to join a big expedition or buy a plane ticket to some exotic faraway land. Its about getting as many friends together as possible and climbing local crags after work, hiking a peak, or mountain biking a single track. Its being thankful for the natural wonders where we built our homes so that we could easily access them at any time. 

We believe in the RIMBY movement, because we believe that the more people who are involved in their local trails and the more active the population, the easier it is to build love and awareness for their backyard, spurring protection and conservation. In doing so, we create a culture of active, outdoor-minded individuals who believe that what is 20 minutes from their doorstep, and what others from around the world come to see is uniquely theirs.  

What Pacific Standard and Mountain Standard share are dedicated, enthusiastic climbers, trail runners, and passionate outdoorsman, who seek beauty and challenge in their own special way. The Pacific thrives in its nautical heritage, but the Coloradans have mastered altitude and pure mountain sport. In the end, what unites us are friends, campfires, and good local beer. For some, Mountain Standard is a time zone, but for most of us, its a way of life.

Words by Michael RestivoPhoto by Jeff Richards

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