The Great American Voyage

It sounds like a classic story. Three friends packed into a tiny car, driving from coast to coast, finding adventure wherever they can. No reason, no motive, no where to go but everywhere. We drove for over 130 hours, racking up more than 7,600 miles in only three weeks. Our route took us most notably from South Florida to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, and finally back home. None of us had any idea what to expect. We just went. Our days were quickly filled with a rather simple routine: drive, set up camp, explore, cook, relax, sleep, and repeat. Although the landscape changed daily, and drastically, the routine became second nature. At night we would sit around the fire and laugh and try to remember what state we were in and discuss the events that had unfolded that day. All we really cared about was where we were going next.

We drove though empty deserts, lonely hills, giant mountains, raging storms, and buzzing cities. It was so hard to keep driving sometimes, we wanted to stop everywhere and meet everyone and see everything. Of course we could not see everything, but we certainly saw a lot and experienced some crazy adventures. We got lost on an unfamiliar mountain after dark, jumped off a 35 foot cliff into glacier water, hiked the Grand Canyon and Angel’s Landing, hit a bird at 90 mph, won a hundred bucks in Vegas, ate rattlesnake and rabbit sausage, and met tons of friendly people along the way. We even threw snowballs for our first time on top of the Rocky Mountains, which was a pretty big deal for us Florida boys. We couldn't believe we were hiking through snow during the summer! That was definitely one of our favorite experiences, and thankfully we had our Mountain Standard jackets to stay warm, because we certainly aren't used to being in the cold.

As I try to put my thoughts down, I keep finding that words are such a weak substitute for real life experiences. I guess that is the beauty in living and taking hold of what life has to offer, because only you can. Adventure longs to be found, and it turns up in the most unusual places. I would say we got more than we bargained for, and it has made us hungry for more. This summer will be one that we will never forget. 


There weren’t many things that I kept by my side the entire trip besides my camera and my Mountain Standard MS010 PACKABLE WIND JACKET. I was amazed at how durable, lightweight, and compact the material was. That jacket has earned a permanent place next to me or on me. It was perfect for rainy days and chilly nights. Putting that jacket on every night became part of my routine. Every time I zipped it on, I knew it meant that it was time to sit down around the fire with my mates and have a cold beer and  ponder the events that occurred that day. I will miss those times, but I know that wearing this jacket will be a small reminder of the beautiful moments I experienced in it. Thank you Mountain Standard for making products that help us make memories!

Words & Photos By

David Gurr

Great American Voyage

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