Florida native gets a taste of MST

David Gurr

Boca Raton, FL


Q: Camera and lens of choice?
A: Canon 7D with my EF-S 10-22mm lens
Q: What do you never leave home without?
A: My Mountain Standard windbreaker, Grand Trunk hammock, and a good book!
Q: Craziest thing you’ve ever done in order to get the perfect shot?
A: I walked out on a tiny ledge that was maybe a foot or two wide and 10 feet long in the Grand Canyon. I literally got dizzy looking through the lens! I felt the wind pushing me around, but I kept my feet in place until I made sure I had the shot. I never felt so nervous taking a photograph before.


Q: If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
A: I miss the Rocky Mountains so much, I am already planning a trip back.
Q: Favorite beer or alcohol of choice?
A: Tin Cup Whiskey, hands down!
Q: What is your favorite Mountain Standard piece and why?
A: My windbreaker! It keeps me dry and warm and it packs up so small! I literally keep it in my car door so I always have it on hand!
Q: Have any advice for new photographers?
A: Don’t be afraid to get the shot, ignore feelings of insecurity and embarrassment. Good photographers aren’t afraid of looking crazy!
Q: Mountains, Rivers, Deserts or Oceans?
A: Mountains! I love hiking on difficult trails and driving on scenic mountain roads in my 5 speed. I do have quite the appreciation for the ocean though since I live only 20 minutes from the Atlantic!
Q: Favorite activitie(s) that you partake in the MS Time Zone?
A: Hiking, camping, exploring, coffeeshops, breweries, and adventure!
Q: Vehicle of choice for road trips or dream vehicle?
A: I just drove my Ford Focus SE across the country and back, but I am hoping my next vehicle will be the AWD Focus RS, and I will definitely be taking another coast to coast road trip in that car. I fear I might end up with some speeding tickets that time.

Q: What kind of product do you want to see Mountain Standard make in the future?
A: It would be cool to see what kind of gear bags you guys would design. I always find myself looking for durable and practical bags between my photography and music gigs. Judging by the materials and attention to detail you use on your jackets, I can only imagine what kind of bag you would create! (They're currently being designed as we speak, David!)
Q: Anything else you’re dying to tell us?
A: Adventure is out there, and it’s just waiting to be found! Thanks for being a company that supports and encourages being adventurous. Mountain Standard is so much more than a company, it’s a family, and I am proud to wear your products.

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