Chaser of the stars

Photographer Spotlight with Jeff Richards

Boulder, CO


Q: Camera and lens of choice?
A: Currently shooting on a Canon 5DmkIII, with my go to lens being the canon 24-70 for most things, and the 16-35 for stars.
Q: What do you never leave home without?
A: I would like to say my camera set up and a few good jackets, but the truth is, if I can forget it, I will. Probably more than once too. The number of times I’ve left to go on hikes without bringing shoes or water is entirely too high.
Q: Craziest thing you’ve ever done in order to get the perfect shot?
A: Recently I spent all night driving from Boulder to Aspen and back again to get star pictures. I was hoping to get the milky way lined up with the Maroon Bells. However, after spending 2 cold hours in the mud by Maroon Lake I realized that wasn’t going to happen. Turns out I was a few weeks to early for that. It was still a great night and I ended up getting a few other cool shots. (see star shot from Independence Pass)

Q: If you could be anywhere in the world right now where would it be?
A: Who knows? I want to go to so many places all the time that its hard to pick just one. I guess if I narrowed it down to a few it would be either Norway, Switzerland or Glacier National Park.
Q: Favorite beer or alcohol of choice?
A: I’m 19…so root beer, I guess.
Q: What is the Mountain Standard Time Zone’s best kept secret? (Feel free to leave out exact location details so no one steals your secret spot)
A: That’s a tough one since there’s so much of this time zone I haven’t seen. I think the San Juans right here in Colorado have a lot of beauty to them, and there’s a lot of people who miss out on it when they travel down there.
Q: What is your favorite Mountain Standard piece and why?
A: That’s another hard question, since I really do love every piece I have… but I would probably have to go with the Wind Fleece since it’s fuzzy and comfortable and ridiculously warm. The quarter zip Fleece Shirt and the Packable Wind Jacket will probably be my go-to’s for summer adventures.
Q: Have any advice for new photographers?
A: Shoot. A lot. Shoot everything. It doesn’t matter if its not ideal conditions or not quite what you wanted or whatever. Just go shoot. You learn something every time you get behind a lens. Also, meet people and learn from them. Other photographers are a great resource. 

Q: Mountains, Rivers, Deserts or Oceans?
A: Mountains. 100%.
Q: Favorite activitie(s) that you partake in the MS Time Zone?
A: I’m a huge fan of hiking/climbing Colorado’s 14ers. They are always a challenge and always provide the most amazing views. But I’m down to do just about anything. Or at least try it.

Q: Vehicle of choice for road trips or dream vehicle?
A: Right now I use my mom’s old Acura MDX, and it’s great. If I had my choice, however, I’d probably want one of those Sprinter vans, so I could retrofit it into a home on wheels.
Q: Favorite road trip / camping food?
A: I want to say Chipotle, but sadly most campsites don’t have them. So a more practical answer would be gummy worms.
Q: What kind of product do you want to see Mountain Standard make in the future?
A: I think some really durable waterproof boots would be amazing. Either that, or a multi-day backpacking pack. 
Q: Favorite spot RIMBY (Right in My Backyard)?
A: Literally right in my backyard would be Chautauqua Park in Boulder. I love taking a few hours and climbing up the Second Flatiron or hiking Bear Peak. If we fudge the definition of “backyard” a bit, then either Rocky Mountain National Park, or Independence Pass.

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