Shakshuka for breakfast

It’s late fall and the fresh morning snow lays atop the camp like a white shag rug. I sit up in my sleeping bag, the first breath of alpine air filling my lungs. My shoulders shudder. Good morning, mountains!

The coffee percolates through the aluminum espresso maker, its aroma slaps me awake. The shiny black skillet hits the hot camping stove and the olive oil starts to crackle under the licking flames. Today’s special is Shakshuka, a food that is as fun to say as it is comforting to eat. The traditional Israeli breakfast reminds me of my childhood spent in the Mediterranean but somehow seems to suite these brisk mountain mornings just as well.  

Shakshuka camp breakfast

The simple yet bright dish consists of eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce. The first bite, flavored by earthy cumin, warm paprika, salty feta and sweet tomatoes melts in my mouth. I can’t help but smile. Everything tastes so much better in the mountains.
Sometimes I wonder if breakfast is the reason I love camping.

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