Joel from Open Snow interviews Jason

Mountain Standard founder, Jason Olden, breaks down what Mountain Standard means to him and an insider’s view of the industry in an interview with Open Snow’s Joel Gratz. (A special gift from Joel at the bottom)

"When Eric and I decided to create Mountain Standard, it’s really about how we use this region and the diversity in this region and the beauty in everything you can access."

"The global manufacturing pool that we get to choose from is not a regional thing. Yes, everything we hear about and talk about today is how do we get more of the stuff that’s made in China made in the United States. That’s a real desire by everybody - I think we all share that. The reality is when you think about the capabilities of a factory and the fact that they can design what you have in mind - there’s only certain factories that can pull that off."

"Some of it is as simple as growing up in Colorado and actually exploring the Mountain Standard time zone in our way - you started to realize that the core message of the outdoor industry didn’t always speak to you."

"We truly believe that some of the best adventures in your life don’t have to be crazy logistics and crazy expenses - it can happen right in your backyard."

"I don’t want to have to change who I am and what I look like just by what environment I’m in. So you’ll start to see this really versatile collection from Mountain Standard for both men and women."

"We don’t design around nostalgia or the tradition of alpine. It’s just not who we are, or how we use product. So truly from a design perspective we’re super motivated by having just this simple,but timeless design that has just the right amount of function and just the right amount of tech."

Listen to Jason's interview here:

00:10 Who are you and how many brands have you worked with to design gear?
00:57 How long does it take to bring a product from a concept to being in the stores?
02:10 Why does it take longer to bring a product to market if a brand does not sell direct to consumer? 
02:30 Which countries have the most capable factories that can produce high-end technical garments?
03:44 Are factories controlled by a single brand, or do they work for many brands?
04:35 How long should our gear last?
06:00 After 20 years working for other brands, why did you recently create your own clothing line?
08:15 How does starting your own clothing line compare to running the design agency?
09:10 Comments about a lot of clothing being “over tech’ed” 

Listen to Joel's interview here:

00:15 Why did you become a meteorologist?
01:30 You were a terrible forecaster when you first started. Why?
03:50 Joel gets geeked up
04:03 What is the founding story of
06:28 What are the top weather questions that I am asked?
07:30 How far out can we forecast a powder day?
08:20 We can trust a 2-day forecast, right?
08:40 Where is Joel’s favorite place to ski?
10:13 Who has the best snow in the Rockies: Utah or Colorado?
12:01 Which ski areas will see the most snow during the 2015/16 winter?
14:55 What should you not say to a meteorologist? 
15:25 What is the future of meteorology?

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