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Field Agent, Kathleen Morton, and her boyfriend Greg challenged themselves to one year of living small, 140-sq-ft-camper-trailer small. It was unconventional, out of their comfort zone and a huge change to adapt to. 

"I wanted it to fail so that I could justify why other people don’t live in 140 square feet."

But it didn't fail. It changed their lives. Now, Kathleen has founded Tiny House Tiny Footprint and works to inspire others to reduce their environmental footprint and connect with the outdoors. 

Mountain Standard Field Agent

Tell us your story. 

Greg and I both care deeply about being environmentally conscious and spending time in nature. But when we lived in the city, we felt like we weren't living out those principles. We were letting city life dictate how we should live our lives instead of living our life to the fullest. We wanted to live more nomadically. We wanted to be able to rely less on what we owned and more on each other and spending time together. So we decided to abandon our city apartment and instead live in a 140-sq.-ft. camper trailer. For 14 months, a family let us park our camper in their backyard. We, in turn, paid them rent and helped them grow their garden. 

Mountain Standard Field Agent

During our stay there, we learned how to live off the grid. We refilled gallon jugs at a local grocery store and used electricity in little bursts, like for charging our phones and powering an electric heater. We used a composting toilet and showered at the gym. Making these changes helped us become environmental stewards and we started to spend more time outdoors.
Just a few months ago, we bought a cabin and our own land. Now we split time between our camper and a cabin that we rent out so that we can make some extra income and also because we love our camper and simple lifestyle it provides. Our previous landlords donated a van that we use for weekend adventures, and we are working to convert it into a campervan so that we can live out of it on the road.

Mountain Standard Field Agent

What are your goals with your blog & Instagram?

By telling stories of people living in tiny houses like campers, vans, Yurts, etc., I am hoping someone is inspired to experiment with an alternative lifestyle. It's hard to leave a house that's comfortable for a smaller space that may seem different and outside the norm. But I think that more and more people want the freedom to travel and live more simply. Through my Instagram photos, I share these stories as well as my own. I also share my experiences backpacking and connecting with nature. I want to remind people that there are places outside the city where time appears to slow down. There are places where we can have meaningful thoughts and experiences with nature and our surroundings.

Where have been your favorite places to travel? 

Greg and I love visiting national parks where we can spend several days backpacking and sleeping under the stars. Some of our favorite parks are Grand Teton National Park, Glacier National Park and the Great Sand Dunes National Park.
Besides that, we were blown away by Idaho this past summer. We weren't expecting to discover as many beautiful rivers, waterfalls and mountain ranges as we did. It's definitely a hidden gem and we can't wait to get back at some point to continue our exploration there.

Mountain Standard Field Agent

Mountain Standard

Kathleen is based in Colorado and writes for The Outbound and Vanlife Diaries. She loves to meet up to go on a hike, shoot photos in the wilderness, or grab some coffee to chat tiny living.

Mountain Standard Field Agent

Join Kathleen along on her adventures by following her on Instagram (@tinyhousetinyfootprint) and learn more about living small on her blog tinyhousetinyfootprint.com

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