Field Review: Women's Fleece Full Zip

Field Agent Beth Kolakowski's adventure filled life demands outerwear that can keep up with changing weather, activities, and trends. Lucky for her, the MSW003 Fleece Full Zip is as versatile as it is stylish.

"The only downside? Even my trendy girl friends loved them. Now we all match."

Product: MSW003 Fleece Full Zip
Field Agent: Beth Kolakowski
Testing Locations: Shelf Road, CO; Denver, CO; Moab, UT

Cozy, stretchy, stylish. The Fleece Full Zip is designed to keep you comfy from the crag to the bar to the campsite. Beth first fell in love with the Fleece Full Zip's versatility on a Valentines Day trip to Shelf Road, CO. Chilly in the shade, but tank-top-able in the sun, Beth needed a fleece with enough mobility to climb in that she could slip out of easily in the mid-day heat. The stretch factor and full-zipper made this piece perfect for her mid-February session. She was particularly happy with the internal dump pockets when she realized she forgot to take off her sunglasses mid-climb. At the end of the session, Beth admits the Fleece was too cozy to hang up for the night. "It's buttery soft inside. Forget the campsite," Beth says, "this is now one of my favorite pieces to just wear around the house." There you have it, pajamas you can climb in! "I've worn it camping, I've worn it to the bar, it always comes climbing with me, the cowl neck keeps me warm on bike rides, and I can even pull it off on casual Fridays at work. The Women's Fleece Full Zip is, hands down, my go-to piece for any chilly-weather living!"


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