Camp Mug Cocktail Recipes

For those of you who missed us live last Friday whippin up dranks, here’s the full list of whiskey cocktails we made in our Insulated Camp Mugs.

Insulated camping mugs 

Hot Toddy:

No matter your situation, a Toddy will cure what ails ya.



¼ cup boiling water

2 teaspoons lemon juice

1 tablespoon honey

bourbon to taste


Optional: Cinnamon stir-stick


It’s a super simple classic, but we did have a helpful tip from Zach S. on our Facebook page, who shared: “To keep [your cocktail] warm longer fill the mug with hot water first to get the air in the vacuum warm, then pour your drink.” Thanks, Zach! Once your Camp Mug is about half filled with hot water, add lemon juice and honey before topping off with whiskey. Don’t burn your tongue.



Montaña Mule: 

A Moscow Mule, but better.



ginger beer of choice (we used Reed’s Extra Ginger Brew)

1 lime

bourbon to taste


Optional: Clean snowpack makes for the best ice cubes


If you’re using an unfamiliar ginger beer, give it a taste test - nothing worse than drowning your bourbon in too-sweet sugar water. Pour over ice with enough whiskey to really get ya cozy. Finish the cocktail with a squeeze of lime juice, and use the lime wedge as a zesty little garnish that’ll have everyone talking. 



Campfire Sour:

Adding a touch of class to even the most rugged of campsites #JeNeSaiQuoi



3 tablespoons lemon juice

2 tablespoons maple syrup (remember you’ve still got that syrup from your Power On Protein Pancakes breakfast?)

2 sprigs rosemary, spruce, dougy fir, etc. for aromatics and garnish

bourbon to taste


Optional: A cocktail shaker to prove how distinguished you really are


Add lemon juice and syrup to your shaker, and cover with whiskey (3 glugs should get the job done). Light one sprig on fire and lower it into the shaker, coating the sides with smoke. Cap and seal the mix, and allow the smoke to infuse with the drink. Shake her up, pour over ice, and garnish with your second sprig. Now you’re livin.



Old Fluffy:

Highly popular during the Prohibition Era, the Old Fluffy is the world’s oldest and most esteemed camp cocktail.



1 cup sugar

1 cup water

8 – 10 marshmallows

bourbon to taste


Optional: Bring your own simple syrup


In a saucepan, heat water and sugar until the sugar is dissolved (if you brought your own simple syrup like a cheater then skip these steps). Add marshmallows and stir over a medium-heat fire until everything has dissolved together. Remove any marshmallow solids and let the mix cool. Fill your camp mug with whiskey, then mix in a spoonful of marshmallow syrup. Garnish with a toasted marshmallow. (Scotch whiskey is a welcome alternative here as it adds smokiness to the drink.)


Love the list? Try the recipes out yourself around the campfire and show us the results! Send pictures, stories, recipe tweaks, and helpful hints to

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