Eric Schuette Gears Up for His First Total Solar Eclipse


An estimated 7.4 million people will be traveling towards the path of totality this weekend. 

Scientists, umbraphiles, and eager first-time viewers are all gearing up to witness the first Total Solar Eclipse to pass over the contiguous United States in the last 38 years (the last one happened February 26, 1979). The phenomenon of totality (when the moon entirely covers the sun) is praised as "unlike anything else", "gobsmacking", and a "...a sort of high without ingesting anything".

So, if like Eric Schuette, you're intent on satisfying that natural high and capturing this Solar Super Bowl, we'd recommend showing up prepared this weekend. Here's what Eric is packing: 


Survival Kit

Even if you're just heading towards the path of totality as a curious attendee, you need to be prepared to settle into your campsite for the weekend. Travel times this weekend will be doubled - especially around destination locations - so getting back in the car to shop for the gear you left at home is going to be a pain in the ass. Here's what I packed:



Photo Equipment

This is my first total solar eclipse and only second solar eclipse ever. The other was a partial when I was in 4th grade and we watched it through a box on the playground. This time will be a little different as I am trying to photograph it in several ways - both with a super telephoto lens to hopefully get some close-up images of the sun through the eclipse, and a wide angle lens to hopefully catch the eclipse over some mountains.

Since I have never done anything like this I am a bit nervous how it will all go. However, the excitement over getting to experience it at all and the photography potential is getting pretty intense!


Between you and me....

Even if you don't have plans to travel to the path of totality this weekend, you can probably still catch some of the eclipse right in your backyard. Here's a simulation of what the eclipse will look like in:

No matter where you are, try to make a point to witness this extremely rare phenomenon. You may discover that you, too, are an umbraphile.

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Power on Compadres! We'll see ya out there.



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Words & wisdom from Field Agent, Eric Schuette, an outdoor photographer based in Denver, CO.

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