Field Review: 38L Mountain Utility Pack

About 2 weeks ago Mountain Standard sent me an early release of their new 38L MTN Utility Pack. It made a great first impression. The thing looked bombproof, functional, and still had the subtle style I have always appreciated from Mountain Standard’s apparel.

When I'm out in the field, I don’t want to look like a walking billboard for whatever brands I'm wearing. This pack doesn’t give off that vibe at all. The only visible branding is an understated leather patch on the lid. I have been putting it through the paces over the past couple of weeks and it is living up to its tough looks.

The bottom of the pack has a durable rubberized fabric that holds up to abrasion, and the rest of the fabric is both tough and water repellent. For me, this means I can toss it around the river all day without shredding it or getting my stuff wet. The layout of the pockets also makes a lot of sense for any outdoor endeavor that I can think up. 

The accessory pockets feature waterproof zippers that make me feel comfortable with my electronics if I were to take an inopportune dunking on the stream. Other features to note include compression straps on each side that are perfect for either cinching down additional gear or storing a fly rod tub and MOLLE style lashes around the entire surface that are perfect for clipping on carabiners or attaching additional gear.

Bonus: this pack makes for a perfect carry-on bag. I have been flying it from Denver to Pittsburgh to Chicago to Minnesota over the past week and it fits the bill for exactly what I need. On a single trip, it was my gear-hauling travel bag as I scooted through the airport one moment, and a river companion as I bushwhacked around some western Pennsylvania state parks the next.

Trev Juth is probably best known by his instagram: @rockymtnangler. While his tendency to travel throughout the Rockies makes him hard to catch, rumor has it a YETI cooler full of craft beer does the trick.

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