Field Review: Merino Camp Socks



Your name: Peter Hoang
Product name, color & size: Merino Camp Socks - Midweight, Large
Locations tested: North Conway (New Hampshire), Frey (Patagonia), Smuggler's Notch (Vermont)
Conditions used in (rain, snow, wind, etc): Sun, heavy winds, marshes, river wading, grass fields, gravel, scrambling, ice climbing
Estimated days used: 25days




5 = Excellent; superior

4 = Very good; beats most

3 = Good; decent product

2 = Fair; okay, but...

1 = Poor, miserable


The socks kept their shape and threads all together the entire time I’ve had them. They’ve been washed twice (once in a machine, and once during a trip in a river). The only thing that started to disappear was the “Power On Compadres” words by the toes. Other than that, I was really impressed at how well they kept together through the amount of hiking and abuse I put them through.


I have particularly clammy feet, but the socks breathed really well. There’s enough cushion there for prolonged use. No complaints or hot spots from weird stitching - all good in this department :) .


They fit just as you’d expect from your online sizing charts - wasn’t led astray. At first glance the footbox of the sock does seem small for the size though.


Not sure if this is a feature, but that the simplistic design really worked well. Nothing overly special, but what’s there works really well. The red stripe highlights at the top of the sock and bottom kind of grew on me too.


Would you recommend this product to a friend?
I would definitely recommend this sock to a friend - the value is through the roof in my opinion. The socks also hold up really well. I’m confident that they’ll provide many more miles before I see wear on the soles.


Where would suggest wearing this product? Hiking, climbing, skiing, etc?
All-around usage that requires a bit of warmth and/or padding. The weight is also good enough to handle variable temps. I would recommend backpacking in these socks, wearing them in ice boots when it’s just below freezing, and extended trips where you don’t want your socks to smell too quickly.


What’s the best thing about the product?
The durability - worked it really hard for almost a full month without any real wear.


What’s the worst thing about the product? Anything you would change?
More colour options would be nice - say if someone wanted to be a little more incognito rather than showing off the red blazes.


What product would you compare this to that you’ve seen before? What makes it better?
Prior to these socks, I’ve been using IceBreaker ones. They work about the same, but I do find that the Icebreaker ones tend to overheat my feet more, and at a premium price.


Anything else you want to add?
I was just overall super pleased with these socks.

I wore them:

  • in approach shoes, climbing up routes up to 5.9
  • hauling a 90lbs pack through boulders, swamps, rivers, and forests
  • warming my toes by a campfire

Overall, super stoked.

Peter Hoang is a photographer and climber out of Southern Ontario.
Check out more of his work on Instagram @pete.hoang and at!



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