Merino Lightweight Sock

We put our socks in the hands of some of our most trusted testers (100 of our Field Agents) weeks before we released them to the public to make sure they were the best they could possibly be. Read what some of our Field Agents have to say below

Melanie Loseth

I’m sitting down to write this having just returned from a 10-day hike. I wore my Mountain Standard socks the entire time, washing them in cold lake or creek water every second or third day. My feet never sweated once in them, which was a pleasant surprise as all summer they had been sweating every time I took a long walk. They never stunk, were always soft feeling. Even after multiple days, they never developed that gross, padded-out feeling. Slight ding: they were a little tight around the ankle-cuff. I solved the problem by rolling them down a little.. Otherwise, a perfect fit!

Kelly Kahler

Performance Sock RunningLightweight Sock Hiking
These socks are the best! Light, but warm. Breathable, but not too constricting. Took them out on a 14-mile alpine trail run around Buffalo Mountain near Frisco. Went out for food and beers afterwards and didn't even feel the need to change out of them. Others should jump on these before I turn around and buy out the stock!

Noah Chomsky

Camp Sock Hammock
I was using these while I was hiking in the Adirondacks in New York. Muggy weather and wet trails definitely means sweaty feet, so a perfect place for some sock testin’. I just wanted to say that these socks are amazing! They really did a great job keeping my feet dry and comfortable. I really liked the look and feel of the socks as well. Classic Mountain Standard style, and obviously quality materials. I’d love to see color variations in the future.

April McPherson

Lightweight Merino Sock
I’ve been rocking the Lightweight Utility Socks and I really like them! I’ve hiked in them several times now, and also did a little camping in them as well. The fit is pretty spot on minus being a little constricting around the ankle-cuff. I don’t consider myself to have abnormally large legs/calves so I was a little surprised how tight they were in that area. I expect that the cuff should loosen up with extended use. They are SUPER soft, and I can’t wait to wear these in colder weather to keep my toes warm! Oh, the “power on” text and RIMBY lines are an excellent touch.

Liz Shull

I brought these fresh socks up to Crested Butte with me and holy cow--SO comfortable and versatile.

I’ve got a size 8 foot (women’s) and the fit was spot on! Perfect thickness for brisk mountain mornings on the porch. While I mainly wore them around the house to get a feel for them, I did get to work them on my mountain bike for a solid 4 hours of riding. I brought a pair of riding-specific socks and never used them, the Mountain Standard Utility socks were up to the challenge. They feel super durable, and while it’s hard to say how they’ll hold up in the long term, I wouldn’t be surprised if these outlast some of the other merino wool socks I own. So yeah, awesome socks. Can’t wait for a few more pairs.

Brian Rasch

Camp Socks Backpacking
I have hiked extensively in a myriad of wool and synthetic performance socks in my day. I’ve got pretty big feet (Size 13, Men’s) and footwear has always been difficult. Suffice it to say the Mountain Standard Camp Sock was a very pleasant surprise. I tested the socks on a 110-mile bike-packing trip, along with a longer backpacking trip through the Maroon Bells Four Pass Loop near Aspen. First thing that stood out was the stitching: impeccable. Not sloppy, no loose spots.

I really appreciated the detailing found within the Camp Sock. Instead of being another clone in the assortment of other merino socks out there, these were clearly carefully looked at, and it shows in the performance. I am pleased to say after almost 150-miles in them (biking & backpacking combined), I didn’t receive a single blister / pinch point. Due to my larger feet, finding socks with the magical ratio of padding & venting placed in the right spot, has been rather difficult. These socks did the trick.

My old favorite pair of socks had some catch-phrasing on them and I was pleasantly surprised finding “Power on compadres” stitched neatly onto the top. Not only has it been a fun conversation starter at camp wearing them with candles, but I’ve found it to bring a small cheesy smile when the going gets a little extra adventurous.

I found the heel to be particularly cozy compared to the other socks in my repertoire. Conditions during my past trips have been between 32-degrees and high-80s, so my biggest concern was how these would fare in such drastic temps. Though warm during the cold nights, these socks did particularly well at managing temperature in my old boots during the heat of the day as well. These socks were much longer/warmer than I needed for biking, but because they were mid-weight they were a fantastic companion for backpacking in extreme temperature differences. After two days straight in them backpacking, I took them for a swim / wash and was thrilled when they passed the dry test (hang them on the tent before dinner, dry by the time it gets cold enough to want to wear them). Overall, another A+ product from the Mountain Standard team.

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