I am always looking for new ways to improve my camping experience so when I got my hands on some of Mountain Standard’s brand new salsas I was stoked.  Jerry Seinfeld didn’t call salsa the number one condiment for nothing.  Mountain Standard’s salsas aren’t your average salsas.  These are full bodied salsas.  The Green Chile Salsa has roasted green chiles, garlic, and onion.  The Red Mountain Salsa has jalapeno, chili peppers, and tomato.


The first thing about the salsas is how super easy they are to make.  Open them up, take the extra virgin olive oil packet out, and add water (warm or cold).  Wait 5 minutes and you have some delicious salsa.  Our group thoroughly enjoyed the Green Chile Salsa as a way to add flavor to our scrambled eggs in the morning.  We also munched on the salsa with some tortilla chips as an afternoon snack.  The Green Chile Salsa has a slight kick and very robust flavor.  The Red Mountain Salsa is more your traditional salsa.  It has great flavor and a bit of spice thanks to the jalapeno and chili peppers.  It was great to have as a topping for our chicken wraps at the campsite.


The containers that the Mountain Standard salsas come in make it super convenient to have with you on any camping or backpacking trip.  Fully self-contained there is no mess with these and you can easily pack them out once you’ve finished enjoying all the salsa.  With how flavorful and easy to make, these Mountain Standard salsas are going to be my new camp staple item no matter where I’m headed.  I’ll probably keep some at home to enjoy when not out on an adventure too!


Written by Field Agent: Adam Goldberg

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