Field Review: Women's Camp Jacket


Your name: Beth Kolakowski
Product name, color & size: Women’s Camp Jacket, Green, Small
Height & Weight: 5’2, 110lbs
Locations tested: Red Rocks, Nevada; Boulder, Colorado
Conditions used in (rain, snow, wind, etc): Cold desert climbing weather, and high winds
Estimated days used so far: 21-28

I had to email Mountain Standard after my first 4 days with this jacket since I was so impressed. I spent 7 days climbing in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area outside of Las Vegas in December.  On our first day, I dragged the Camp Jacket (and my body) up 800ft of rock and after 7 failing pitches I was certain it would be ruined – but it was not even scratched. It survived six more days like this and still looks new.

This jacket is one of my favorites because it’s such a different style than what I’m used to. I love that it’s a pullover, with enough warmth for cooler days and nights around the campfire, but not bulky so it was easily layered. However, if it’s getting warm you might mess up your hair taking it off ;) luckily, the sides zip up for ventilation.
I ordered an XS at first, and it was snug across my chest and in the shoulder area. The small fits great.


Besides my undying love for thumb holes in the cuffs, the side zip feature on this jacket was PERFECT for wearing a harness while climbing. Big win! I was able to take it on and off as needed, without having to tuck it into my harness each time. AND let’s talk about the kangaroo pouch. So awesome to have one large pocket when climbing (and drinking) so I don’t have to remember what is stashed where.
Yes, and I already have!
Where would suggest wearing this product?
Climbing and camping! This is the ultimate spring/fall camp piece, and perfect for around the campfire. Great ventilation on the sides without having it fall off your shoulders. Not for super cold weather unless it’s an added layer.
What’s the best thing about the product?
I loved wearing this on a multipitch climb for several reasons:

  1. One pocket so I don’t have to check both sides (and require both hands).
  2. I hate taking off layers while climbing since I’m scared I’m going to drop it and usually get cold at the belay. The side ventilation helped me cool down towards the top of the pitch, but I didn’t have to remove it.

What’s the worst thing about the product? Anything you would change?
The chest was snug…but that’s it!
What product would you compare this to that you’ve seen before? What makes it better?
I saw someone with a Patagonia down-ish pullover that was similar, but I love that the butt is longer on this, and has the side zippers. Patagonia’s did not.

Check out more words and photos from Beth here!


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