From the Design Table: Utility Mitts & Gloves

We have a lot of history designing gloves but this is the first time we’ve done a pair for Mountain Standard.

The glove and the mitt are key items when it comes to mountain apparel. These are brand new to our collection, and we’ve been working on the design for about a year.

We built both the glove and the mitt out of premium goat leather, and both have a pre-articulated palm so you’ve got good dexterity and range of motion.  We’ve got kevlar-stitching on the palm to reinforce the overlay so these are highly durable, and the outboard seams keep the stitching off your hand and don’t cause little pressure points when you’re gripping ski poles. There’s 80g of Primaloft Gold insulation in the back-of-hand padding on the glove with no insulation on the palm, just a microfleece lining. The back-of-hand padding on the mitt is 170g Primaloft, and then on the hand it has an additional 60g of insulation, so it will keep you warmer.

The glove is your all-purpose winter glove. Great for skiing to about 15 degrees; great for riding the snowmobile. Also good for winter commuting if you ride a bike in cold temps. I spoke on range of motion and dexterity and these gloves will be fine on the handlebars. The mitt is super warm so think colder days on the mountain or wherever you might need a little extra warmth, this is gonna be your go-to.

If your gloves are wet, let them hang-dry. But if you want some extra water protection then we recommend a using a Sno-Seal product. Make sure you rub the sealant around the whole glove and, then toss them in your oven for about 8 minutes at 120 degrees and let the seal bake into the seams. Wipe off the excess and you’re ready to go.

After building over 100 different SKU's for other brands (for the likes of Black Diamond, Cabelas, and others), Boulder, Colorado-based Mountain Standard decided it was time to get into the glove game for themselves. The MTN Utility Glove brings all the best features you'd expect from a glove that's built to last.    Carly Sagan: POWDER Magazine

My fingers are fast to get numb on cold days so I’m always on the lookout for a warm, waterproof pair of gloves. The Utility Mitts have kept my hands dry and comfortable, and my days on the mountain uninterrupted. Excited to see how the gloves and mitts evolve through the seasons.     Andy Fleckenstein: Community Development Manager

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Both the Utility Gloves and Mitts are crafted from Premium Goat Leather,
insulated with Primaloft Gold Synthetic Insulation, and reinforced with outward kevlar-stitching
and a MTN Dry waterproof liner to keep you warm, dry, and powering on in cold-weather conditions. 
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