How to Layer Like a Pro

No matter who or where you are, being too cold can be miserable. So recently, our Pros came together to share their best advice for layering up on the coldest days around town and in the heart of the mountains. Take notes!


Performance Function

1/4 Zip + Standard Issue + Terrain n' Rain

Alton Richardson: Colorado Ambassador

 "Winter travel in the Colorado backcountry can be a harsh experience. On days when I find myself immersed in high-output activities like backcountry skiing, I go right to the Power Grid ¼ Zip as my main base layer, usually over a midweight tech tee. Skinning creates a ton of body heat, so I drop the typical mid layer and instead go straight to the Standard Issue Insulator, which I can take off to regulate sweating. When it's time to rip skins and descend, I throw on the Terrain N' Rain shell for ultimate protection. If at any point it gets really cold, or a transition is taking too long, I have the Hooded Down Jacket in my bag to throw on and warm up quick. But always on top of my shell, so that the down fill doesn't get compressed and stop working."


Every Day Comfort

Hooded Down + Hybrid Bomber

Liz Stallmeyer: New York Field Agent

"An average winter day in NYC is incredibly unpredictable. It can be 15 degrees and snowing in the morning, and 50 degrees by the afternoon. I wear the Hybrid Bomber and Down Jacket together because I commute through both the hot crowded subway, and the freezing wind by the East River. I especially love the Hybrid Bomber because even though the city is unpredictable, this layer isn't. It's breathable but keeps me warm, and it's extremely fashionable so I can wear it out on any occasion."


Mountain Town Versatility

Hybrid Camp + Hooded Down

Jason Olden: Co-Founder of Mountain Standard

"Anyone that knows me knows that I wear one consistent kit from October through March --  in town or on the mountain, it never changes. My kit is built around the Hooded Down Jacket and Hybrid Camp Jacket (two must-have layers), and the Terrain ‘n Rain Shell. The two must-haves are always on the coat hook together. When I walk out the door in the morning they are stacked together from 45 degrees on down to -8. If the snow is wet or it starts to rain, the Shell goes on instantly. (I don’t like wet insulating layers.) No more precip, the shell goes back in my pack.  When I start to heat up the Down Jacket comes off and goes into my pack. I’ll wear the Hybrid Camp all day long, inside and out. Nothing to be proud of, just the truth."

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