Best Ways to Patch Holes in Your Insulator

Like most things in life, you have two options: the right way, or the duct tape way. I'll discuss both.
In the event that your friends talked you into doing something stupid, or in the off chance a piece of your MS gear unintentionally gained a new vent... just add duct tape!
Rogue fire embers and trail-branches have laid-claim to many of my favorite outdoor pieces. I've used duct taped to patch several holes, tears and burns and they've successfully held for more than two years and even a few washes... ;) I cut the tape at least 1" around the hole, and would recommend cutting the tape to have rounded edges (as square edges have been known to peel up).

If you're concerned about looking fly for Mother Nature and those back country bears, nylon tape works well, comes in a variety of colors, or clear, and doesn't look like duct tape. Most outdoor retailers (like the Boulder Walgreens) make a variety of general gear repair tapes and patches for this purpose. Again, cut rounded corners with an inch or two to spare on all sides of the hole/puncture. 

What I've Learned? DO NOT SEW. Besides the fact that I'm not that good at it, hand-sewn fixes put the gear at risk of loosing it's insulation and water resistance. 


Still have questions about taking care of your Mountain Standard Down, and Insulated Jackets? Learn more about our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty and how to treat other blows to your favorite outdoor layers HERE!

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