How We Actually Enjoy Valentine's Day: Year 3

Meet Matt & Megan 

We have been on a road trip to see all 50 states in our converted van, Vanna, since September of 2017. When we aren’t glued to our computers in coffee shops, we spend a lot of time outside hiking, riding flowy mountain bike trails, running, playing in water and finding good looking scenes that make good looking photos. We love the American West and are slowly making our way east.  As of this current moment we are ‘living' in southern Arizona, but that changes every other day. We’re lucky enough to call America our back yard. 


She said: 

Matt gets up just before sunrise to go out and take photos. I stay in bed until he’s finished or his fingers are just too cold to push the shutter anymore. As I lay in bed dreaming of my first cup of coffee in hand, he hopefully has already started brewing it. We enjoy a relaxing morning together - sipping coffee, writing morning pages and chatting about what we want to do for the day.  
We’re currently in the southwest - so we’d find a good mountain bike ride or trail run to go on for the day. Since this is my perfect day, I’m going to write in that we are camping by this magical new lake that just appeared in southern Arizona.  So after we get busy with some type of activity for the day we pull out our inflatable SUP and kayak (because in my perfect world we also have those) and take them for a spin around the lake taking turns between the two toys and jumping in the water for our daily ‘shower’.  
If our campsite isn’t the perfect place to watch the sunset, we’ll hike up to a nearby hillside for better viewing. We’ll watch the sunset together - which really means that Matt will be taking photos and I’ll be drinking wine. After we watch the sky light up with one of those candy colored sunsets we’ll make our way back to camp. Matt will get a campfire going as I prep dinner. We’ll cook steak and veggies over the fire. We’ll enjoy the stars and a bottle of red wine around the campfire together talking about what we are thankful for.  
Coffee, adventure, water, sunset, campfire. This is the making of my perfect day but the key here is that I get to do it with the one I love and I don’t want that to go unnoticed. I’ll tell him why I’m so incredibly thankful to be living this adventure with him by my side. 

He said:

The perfect Valentine’s Day starts like most days for us with Meg getting the most out of her nights’ rest as I wake up 20 minutes before the sunrise. I give Meg a big wet kiss on the cheek, forehead, or upper shoulder, wrestle some warm clothes on and venture out before the sun crests over whatever horizon happens to be to our east. 


I go on a walk and take photos of the sunrise, Meg sleeps. Win-win. Crucial to start the perfect Vday out with a win-win!


I return to the van, and while Meg sleeps, lazes, or “just resting my eyes” I brew the perfect carafe of coffee. Coffee is the key to Meg’s heart, and by golly, I’m trying to win her heart.


While the morning is still chilly, we’d soak in a hot spring and talk about the future and our dreams for it. 


Meg and I are both easygoing, so the specifics of how we choose to spend the rest of the day aren’t all that important. We tend to have fun regardless of activity. We like urban environments for the conveniences and culinary adventures they offer. We like the great outdoors for the beauty and physical activity it offers.


Whether we are surrounded by pavement or ponderosa, here’s what I’d want out of the day. 

  • Do/see/eat/smell/experience something together that we’ve never experienced before. 
  • Eat good food together. If we’re somewhere with *world famous* anything, let’s go for that. If not, a great burger, BBQ, chicken and waffles or pizza always make nice treats. While we’re at it, we might as well get some apple pie a la mode to share! 
  • Drink 1+ glasses each of Syrah, Cabernet, or Syrah-Cabernet red wine blend together. Wine around a campfire would be perfection, but wine in bed with a movie or wine at the table while Meg beats me at card games is good too. 
  • I want to hear Megan say that she chooses me, and I want to hear myself say that I choose her. 
  • We fall asleep to the sounds of nature crawling into our van through our ceiling vent. 


    The perfect Valentine's Day is a lot like every other day for us. 

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