3 Ways to Really Appreciate Your Days Off

You finally have a day off to relax, but do you really want to spend it being lazy?

If you’re anything like me, you want to make that time count. I want to be out in the backcountry hiking, on the river, going on a day trip, or climbing. I want to pack my weekends and with fun to make up for time spent in the office during the week. Realistically though, not every weekend can look like this - sometimes the body needs to rest.

Here are some of my favorite things to do after work  and on my "off days" that give my body the rest it needs, and keep me ready for my next epic weekend adventure:



1. Slackline at the park

Slacklining is great for your leg muscles, core, and balance, but it's so fun and laid back that you forget it can be exercise. There are plenty of places to secure your slackline, so you can do this after hiking, skiing, climbing, or just relaxing at camp. Turn it into a 30-minute focus activity, or an easygoing afternoon social with lots of friends.



2. Hammock by the river

If you need rest and can’t be on the river, lounging by the river may be the next best thing. I love to set up my hammock in a quiet, comfortable spot, and grab my favorite book or plan my next adventure. Even if I only take 30 minutes on a lunch break or an hour after work, hammocking is super relaxing, and it always feels great to be outside!



3. Car camp outside of town

Car camping takes little to no effort. If you're feeling inspired, pack up a freeze dried dinner and breakfast (think Power On Pancakes!), find a spot close to home, set up your tent and enjoy the night outside. If you're feeling lazy or running short on time, just grab some dinner in town before you head to the campsite. There's nothing quite like time spent around the fire, and waking up to the sunrise coming through your tent. Plus, there are tons of camping options right in your backyard!

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Words, wisdom & photos from Ambassador, Anna Wong
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