Mountain Standard / VSSL Collab: RIMBY First Aid Kit


If you weren't already aware, the team at VSSL has a history of making some pretty bad-ass preparedness gear.

Their products have been earning recognition from the outdoor industry and beyond because of their efficiency, durability, and ultimate necessity. So this season, we were stoked at the opportunity to team up with VSSL to build a RIMBY-ready First Aid Kit packed with an arsenal of first aid and emergency items that every serious adventurer should have at the ready. 

Check out the features of the limited edition Mountain Standard / VSSL First Aid Kit, and hear what our pros have to say about our newest collab:

One of those items you hope you'll never have to use, but sure are glad when you have it.

The entire kit is built into the handle of a lightweight (14oz), water resistant, military-spec anodized aluminum LED flashlight. This 9" x 2" mini beast is ready to triage any personal minor medical issues that come across your trail. 

All the contents are contained in slotted plastic sleeves for easy access. Open the VSSL cylinder, unroll the kit and the contents are visible and easily accessible in a well organized manner. In addition, if your medical emergency leaves you stranded, the compact whistle and our dual mode LED flashlight can both be used to signal for help. Each VSSL unit:
  • Contains dual mode (static and SOS) LED ‘flood’ beam lantern light, illuminates a large area (batteries included)
  • Contains oil filled compass, to help you find your way in all conditions
  • Measures 9" long by 2" diameter made from seamless extruded military specification anodized aluminum
  • Weighs 14 ounces (just under 1 pound)

The VSSL First Aid Kit is packed with the most common items required to triage personal minor medical issues. Here's what you'll find:

    • Emergency whistle
    • 2 BZK-based antiseptic wipes
    • 2 Isopropyl antiseptic wipes
    • 1 Alcohol free cleansing wipe
    • 1 Soap wipe
    • 1 Triple antibiotic ointment
    • 2 Cotton pads (2” x 2”)
    • 4 Knuckle bandages
    • 8 Butterfly bandages
    • 12 Regular bandages
    • 4 Ibuprofen tablets
    • 4 Aspirin tablets
    • 4 Safety pins (2 small, 2 large)
    • 1 Tweezers
    • 1 Single sided razor blade
    • 1 Roll of medical tape
    • 1 Roll medical gauze tape
    • 1 Pair nitrile gloves

Always trust the pros. Here's what Field Agent and Colorado State Park Ranger, Zach Schwasman, has to say about the First Aid Kit:

The best thing that stands out to me in this kit is the medical/athletic tape and the cotton/gauze pads. Sometimes we go harder than what a simple band aid will cover. The gauze pads and tape allow you to make a big flexible dressing that covers the whole wound. I was trail riding in Eagle and took a soft sandy corner too tight and some sagebrush reached out to let me know. It wasn't until I stopped for water that I realized I was leaking pretty good down my leg. Couple minutes of good direct pressure slowed it down and the tape kept it covered until I got home.

Bandages seem to be in good supply and variety for any sort of nicks and scrapes. Tweezers and straight blade are handy for splinters when cutting or handling fire wood or pulling broke off thorns or cactus spines.

This first aid kit does a good job with keeping one person covered for anything, but I always plan for the worst and always beef up my first aid kit to accommodate more than just myself. Some added things to enhance it would be:

    • Benadryl - For bee stings or other allergies. 
    • Saline solution - Good for flushing wounds, or shit out of your eyes. In a pinch eye drops will work.
    • Quick clot - Gauze on steroids. It's expensive, but if and when you have a gusher of a wound you'll thank yourself later.
    • ACE bandage - Great for when you need to keep an ice pack in place, and also a good way to cover wounds or burns without having to deal with ripping hair or skin off with adhesive bandages.
    • Powdered drink mix - Emergen-C, Gatorade mix, or any mix that has a bunch of sugar. Mix in water to get quick calories into hypothermic patients.
    • Ziplock bags (2) - Dispose of anything that's been bloodied. In a pinch, stuff in medical gloves and tie off.
    • SAM splint - If you have a broken bone then you have bigger problems than a first aid kit, but I have found they are useful for broken/sprained wrists and ankles.

A bunch of these pre fab kits have things all individually wrapped in a white plastic and labeled. Personally, I remove them and put them in clear ziplock so I can readily see what I'm looking for and can easily get it. Versus fiddling around with the packaging and having to read what's in each thing. In an emergency you might not have time for that. 

It also doesn't hurt to take a Wilderness First Aid (WFA), or Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course along with CPR. It'll teach the best ways to handle wound care and they are offered regularly. It's worth the money because the worst feeling in the world is having a friend be seriously injured and not knowing how to help that person.

My Golden Rule: Replace items as you use them. Otherwise you'll end up with a worthless first aid kit.

Working with Mountain Standard on a project was a no-brainer for us at VSSL. The Mountain Standard brand aligns perfectly with VSSL, in the sense of providing people with well thought out, designed and executed durable goods to enjoy the outdoors. We couldn’t be happier with a partnership and finished product! 

TJ Bottom, VSSL VP of Sales & Marketing


Our entire team has been blown away by the level of innovation that VSSL brings to the outdoor industry. Just like Mountain Standard, their team is hyper focused on improving classic equipment with updates to materials, function, and durability. These guys are bad-ass through and through and it’s been a pleasure teaming up on a thoughtful first aid kit that every outdoor enthusiast should have at the ready.

Eric Lyon, Mountain Standard Founder

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VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools manufactures superior quality LED lights that utilize the form factor of traditional flashlights. The function of each VSSL unit extends well beyond illumination. Each unique VSSL offers an extremely compact and efficient way of transporting your essential outdoor gear, without compromising valuable pack space and weight.
The Mountain Standard / VSSL First Aid Kit is a limited release collaboration project. The First Aid Kit will be available for sale online and at the Mountain Standard Flagship at 1537 Pearl Street, in Boulder CO.
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