Best Ways to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower


I never need an excuse to chase an extraterrestrial adventure...

...but this coming weekend will be especially kick ass as I head out to Copper Breaks State Park in Texas to check out the Perseid meteor shower. I caught up with my brother, A University of Texas graduate with a degree in Astronomy,  for some pro viewing tips. Here's his inside scoop:


"The Perseid meteor shower will peak in frequency on August 12, but will be visible on the 11th and 13th as well. The shower will appear to radiate from the constellation of Perseus, hence the name Perseids, though they can be seen across the entire sky." Find a comfortable place to lie down and watch the sky, and bring enough coffee to keep you going till early morning.

"Some of the best places to check out the meteor shower are going to be International Dark Sky Association certified areas. These areas meet minimal light pollution standards and provide optimal viewing of the night sky any night of the year."


Perseus was considered the greatest monster slayer before Hercules. so stoke the campfire, grab your compadres, crack some cold brews, and get out there and slay the weekend! If you want to  Check out these posts from other Mountain Standard Ambassadors: 7 Tips for Shooting the Milky Way In ColoradoPro Tips for Campfire Photography

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Words & wisdom by Mountain Standard Ambassador, Jamison Brandenburg (y hermano).
Photos by Ambassadors: Alton Richardson and Mitch Warnick, and from's Found Cassiopeia? Now Look for Perseus.

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