RIMBY Trip: Earth Day in the Desert

Moab Clif

Like peanut butter and jelly or cold brew coffee and fixed-gear bikes, the desert in the spring is a natural pair. The trip, put together by the Mountain Standard team, brought Field Agents from Colorado, Utah, and a few nomadic van-dwellers to the epicenter of desert delight - Moab, Utah. Snuggly situated between two national parks, just south of the Colorado River, and within spitting distance from miles of hiking and biking trails, Moab is the ideal place to spend a weekend ripping through the desert.


We gathered on Friday afternoon at a wicked camp site about 30 mins outside of town. Despite the crowds in town of like-minded individuals looking to spend their Earth Day weekend soaking in the Utah sun, we couldn’t see another group within a mile of our site. As the various Field Agents rolled into camp and staked out their spots, we grilled up some burgers salaciously seasoned with the MS Camp Master Spice. Once dusk approached, a fire was started as we cracked open a few brews. We caught up, exchanged stories, and laughed our way well into the night.


On Saturday, we awoke to the familiar crisp, cloudless morning for which deserts are famous. After some coffee, kombucha, and Power On Protein Pancakes to fuel us for the day, we packed our sandos and took off to our respective activities. Moab is the perfect spot for an eclectic group like ours looking to partake in a myriad of sports. You want to rip trails on your bike? Moab has got them. Want to spend a day at the crag? Moab has countless routes and bouldering. Want to take pictures or go for a leisurely stroll in a National Park or SUP down the Colorado? Moab offers all that and more. While a group went to Klondike Bluffs to MTB, another crew found some sandstone at Big Bend Bouldering Area, and a few of us settled on the newly named Granstaff Canyon Trail for a packed but pleasant stroll through red rock and shady greenery.


Around 3 PM we reconvened for some well-earned post-session brews and a frigid dip in the Colorado. We gassed up and cruised back to the campsite an hour later to crack into some Red Mountain and Green Chile Salsa. Once the initial hunger had subsided enough to cook an actual dinner, we spiced up the chicken with World Explorer Spice and dined on some delicious tacos, a camp dinner classic.


When the sun began to fall, we hopped across rocks and weaved our way down game trails to a hidden cliff-side overlook. Tunes bumpin’ and booties shakin’, we broke into the Tincup Whiskey and grooved our way through the golden glory of a desert sunset.


The weekend was one full of ample belly-laughs and exploration around an adventure seekers oasis. Moab, Utah is the perfect place to witness the spectacular mountains, rivers, and deserts that make this world such a unique and incredible place to call home. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to pay tribute and spend an Earth Day than a serendipitous last minute trip to the desert in true RIMBY style.


Words by Evan West

Photos by: Alton Richardson, Cody Mann, Mitch Warnick


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