What to Pack: Conundrum Hot Springs

Ever since I saw a photo of a friend at Conundrum Hot Springs, I was super eager to get a group together and take a trip to check it out. Having a hot spring at the top of a 9-mile hike with mountain views sounded awesome and it seemed like a good pick for my first ever backpacking trip. After two years of talking about it, a group of 5 friends and I finally put a date on the calendar and started planning.

The crowds up at Conundrum have gotten quite large, so we picked the weekend after Labor Day in September to try and avoid as many people as possible. Here’s what I packed for the trip in my 60L backpacking bag:



  • 20 degree sleeping bag - (it gets cold up there), the Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed is my favorite!
    • Sleeping pad - You want one that folds down pretty small so that it doesn’t take up too much room in your pack. This is what I brought.
      • Stove
      • Pan / pot for cooking and boiling water
      • Spork
      • Quick dry towel
      • Hammock - I preferred this over a camping chair because it was lighter
      • Bear can - These are required for this area and you have to put everything that has a scent to it inside it before you go to bed
      • Tent - I made my boyfriend at the time carry this because I had the bear canister
      • Water bladder
      • Water filtration system
      • Sunglasses
      • Light flip flops
      • Hiking shoes
      • Shit shovel
      • GoPro - I wanted to bring my nice camera, but it added an additional 5 lbs to my pack, the GoPro was awesome at capturing the weekend
        • Hiking poles
        • Sunscreen



              • Cheese box - This is an awesome treat after hiking all day. We packed a small camping tupperware with some cheese, salami and apricots.
              • Bars
              • Justin's packets - Great for energy
              • PBJ - I packed two of these, one for the way up, one for the way down
              • Freeze dried dinner - This is my favorite
              • Freeze dried dessert -This is my favorite
              • Pancakes

                        Brennah Rosenthal spent 2 years of her life working for Backpacker Magazine before she started at Mountain Standard. Cheers to spending time in RIMBY mountains with people who make you laugh till you cry. Words & photos by Brennah.

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