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Movie Night: Closing Night

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone who's tuned in, written in, and shared our Movie Night Series with others in need of adventure inspiration during the past couple months of quarantine and social distancing. As bitter it is to be on the final night in the series, it is so much sweeter to be sharing this particular lineup which features our favorite films from the past seven weeks of Movie Nights.

From a ski guide who's drinking from the Fountain of Youth in Silverton, CO, to a crew of five blind veterans kayaking the Grand Canyon for the first time, these movies inspired us to a new level and we have found ourselves watching them time and time again at home.

We hope you continue to enjoy these movies as much as we have, and that they keep you inspired and ready for adventure when it's to come. Now, sit back, ease into the weekend, and enjoy the Closing Night of Mountain Standard Movie Night.

Power on.


A Fairy Tale (7 mins)
John Shocklee of Silverton, CO stays young by doing what he loves, and what he loves more than anything else is skiing. Film by YETI, some salty language.

Safe Haven (8 mins)
The violent crime rate in Memphis was 351% higher than the national average. Then Memphis Rox climbing gym opened with a goal to make the community more active and involved. Film by REI.

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's Unreal Segment (4 mins)
"I could watch this a thousand times and not get sick of it." A mountain biking one-take wonder from the team over at Teton Gravity Research. 

5 Blind Veterans Kayak the Grand Canyon (5 mins)
"I stare into a still, dark world and that can make you want to be stagnant... that's not what I want to be. I want to move." A team of kayakers, including 5 blinded veterans, run 12 days and 226 miles of world-class whitewater down the Grand Canyon. Film from Google Maps.  

It Is the People (17 mins)
"They say your first thru-hike is like your first love." Elina Osborne recounts her trek along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and the people who made the journey so memorable. Film by Elina Osborne.

Where the Wild Things Play (4 mins)
An homage to the badass adventure women who keep us inspired to go new places and try new things. Film by Outdoor Research.

A Very Short Guide to Union Glacier Camp (6 mins)
A charming visit to one of West Antarctica's happiest base camps. Film by StudioCanoe.