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Movie Night, Pt. 3: Staff Picks


This week we turned to our team to pick their favorite adventure films, and they delivered some absolute gems. From surfing the beaches of Baja, to biking and rafting through Mongolia, to exploring the trails right in our Colorado backyard, this lineup will entertain, inspire and hopefully make you forget that you're spending your night inside.

Now put your work down and feet up, it's movie night and we hope you enjoy.

Power on compadres.


Eric's Picks, CEO

Peninsula South (7 mins)
Head down to the beaches of Baja with a father/son story about travel, surfing and life featuring legends Herbie and Nathan Fletcher.

ColoRADo (6 mins)
A mountain biking ode to Colorado from our buddies over at Yeti Cycles. "No matter the season, the mountains beckon us to seek adventure."

Jason's Picks, CPO

Hard Rock: Masters of Stone II (57 mins)
Dust off the VCR. This legendary documentary blasts us back to the world of climbing in the early '90s.

Grant's Picks, Design Director 

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's Unreal Segment (4 mins)
"I could watch this a thousand times and not get sick of it." A mountain biking one-take wonder from the team over at Teton Gravity Research. 

The Kora: A Two-Wheeled Pilgrimage of Purification (14 mins)
"A pilgrimage around the base of 19,000-foot-high Himalayan peaks is considered a holy undertaking, and those lucky enough to finish this arduous circuit hope the effort will purify a lifetime of negative karma."

Huayhuash (13 mins)
"Three mountain bikers from Colorado attempt a multi-day circumnavigation of the Huayhuash range of the Peruvian Andes with nothing but their bikes, gear, cameras and friendship."

Treeline (40 mins)
A film by the team at Patagonia centered on the story and importance of trees, as explored by scientists, skiers and snowboarders.

Ben's Picks, Product Designer

Denali (8 mins)
An emotional roller coaster from the perspective of an adventure dog through good times and bad.

Industrial Revolutions (5 mins)
Legendary mountain biker, Danny Macaskill, turns an abandoned rail yard into his playground for the day.

One of Those Days (5 mins)
Skier, Candide Thovex, starts his day just like everyone else. Then it's all down hill from there.

Andy's Picks, Brand Manager

Odd Man Out (5 mins)
A feel-good fly fishing story about pushing personal limits and breaking down barriers, from the team at YETI. 

Flashes of the Altai (5 mins)
Packrafting and mountain biking into the Mongolian unknown introduces three travelers to a nomadic culture who hunt with golden eagles.

FORCE (18 mins)
Mikey Schaefer is one. Follow along on 10 years of his adventures, mishaps, and personal growth. A film by the team at Patagonia. Some salty language.