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Tonight's Movie Night features stories about overcoming long stretches of difficult challenges with mental, physical, and emotional toughness. 

Often the biggest sense of success comes after accomplishing something incredibly difficult. From a blind kayak run down the Grand Canyon, to weighing the ethics of a death-defying film project, to rebuilding a community on the verge of collapse, we hope this lineup helps inspire grit & endurance during a time when we all need it most.

Now with no further ado, enjoy the Movie Night.

Power on compadres.


5 Blind Veterans Kayak the Grand Canyon (5 mins)
"I stare into a still, dark world and that can make you want to be stagnant... that's not what I want to be. I want to move." A team of kayakers, including 5 blinded veterans, run 12 days and 226 miles of world-class whitewater down the Grand Canyon. Film from Google Maps.  

Free The Snake (8 mins)
"When I think of endurance, I think of salmon." Eric, CEO. A unique perspective on endurance and determination in the face of unnatural obstacles. Film from Patagonia.

The Leadville Trail 100 (23 mins)
"We saw all the abuses, and we knew the cavalry wasn't comin." Dreamed up in a time of dire straits, the Leadville 100 not only pulled Leadville, CO out of a desperate situation, it's also become one of the most legendary distance competitions in the world. Film from EF Racing.

Lighting the Fire: Wrong Turns (14 mins)
"After being honorably discharged from the Air Force and dealing with bouts of severe depression, Walmsley turned to running to get his life back on track." The story of how one wrong turn changed Jim Walmsley's career. Film from Outside Online.

Running On Empty (14 mins)
"Even the parts that sucked, when I was in the dark and bonking and hungry, it just made me love the parts that were great even more." Rory Bosio sets off on her toughest running challenge to date. Film from the North Face.

What If He Falls? (10 mins)
"The risk in free soloing is always to fall off and fall to your death." How do you create a film that could ultimately kill your friend? That's the question filmmakers Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi had to grapple with ahead of making the award-winning documentary, Free Solo. Film from the New York Times.

Moments of Elevation (7 mins)
"It's not about seconds, minutes, or even hours... just crossing the finish line is the goal." Follow four trail runners as they race and process the legendary Leadville 100 Trail Run. Film from Isaiah Jay.

Fighting Water (3 mins)
"At the time you don't feel like you were being selfish, you felt like you were providing for your family." One of Surf Magazine's most storied staff photographers toes the line between a dream job and life with his family. Film from Matt Batchelor.