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Tonight we're excited to feature a lineup of movies that fans have been sharing with us since we started our first movie night a few weeks back.

Your recommendations made us laugh, think, and reflect on past adventures, and adventures to come once the great outdoors is reopened to travel and recreation. Thank you to all who wrote in to share your picks, you can find the full line up of our favorite Fan Favorites on the site. 

Now put your work down and feet up, it's movie night.

Power on compadres.


Leadman: The Dave Mackey Story (25 mins)
A life-changing accident on the trails of Boulder, CO led competitive runner, Dave Mackey, to the decision to amputate his left leg. This is his story about his return to running. Film by Billy Yang Films.  

The Last Hill (Until the next one...) (15 mins)
A group of friends goes searching for an adventure right in their backyard as they blend biking, skiing, and hilarity into one incredible adventure. Film by Patagonia.

Trail Dog (5 mins)
"Happiness is so much simpler than you might think." Lessons learned and shared from the trail. Film by Salomon Running.

Bruhwiler Country (7 mins)
Raph Bruhwiler is the epitome of adventure ready spirit, and a legend in the world of surfing. His upbringing in the woods and water of British Columbia made him a legend in the world of surfing, and now he's using his gift to help people. Film by YETI.

It Is the People (17 mins)
"They say your first thru-hike is like your first love." Elina Osborne recounts her trek along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada, and the people who made the journey so memorable. Film by Elina Osborne.

Lessons From the Allagash (15 mins)
"We'd spent most of our lives on or around rivers, but this was the first time we'd experienced one in this way... start to finish." Sounds, sites and serenity from a journey down the Allagash Wilderness Waterway in Maine. Film from Tight Loops.

Leave It Better (22 mins)
"2 Friends, 4,700 miles, 1 mission: Pick up trash!" REI presents a film featuring two cross country cyclists on a mission to leave the people they meet and the places they visit better. Film by REI.

Africa by Kayak (48 mins)
Beau Miles paddled alone for 6 weeks, experiencing a truly nomadic solo existence, before realizing that his trip wasn't about kilometers gained but rather the quality of the experience. Film by Beau Miles.

Chasing Shadows (1 hr, 10 mins)
Three Marine veterans hike 154km along the West Highland Way in Scotland. Film by Bark Eater Productions.