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Movie Night, Pt. 7: Around the World

We're back with a lineup of movies from beyond the backyard! From a charming visit to a West Antarctic base camp, to the sacred scaling of Japanese mountain streams, to pioneering an outdoor sport that blends hiking, swimming, diving and climbing, these short films are sure to rekindle your travel flame and get you thinking about that next great adventure.

Next week will be the final Mountain Standard Movie Night, and we'll revisit some of our favorite movies from the series. We've loved sharing the spirit of adventure with you through film during this stay at home period, and hope you've enjoyed this series as much as we have. Thanks for tuning in, we hope you enjoy tonight's picks!


A Very Short Guide to Union Glacier Camp (6 mins)
A charming visit to one of West Antarctica's happiest base camps. Film by StudioCanoe.

Choosing to Live (7 mins)
Sarah Hornby turned the loss of her husband into an opportunity to connect with him through his biggest passion, bikepacking in the Canadian Rockies. Film by Salsa.

Il Pescatore Completo: The Complete Fisherman (19 mins)
A story of fishing tradition and simplicity born out of Northern Italy. Film by Patagonia.

Pushing Myanmar (12 mins)
A free community skatepark in Yangon, Myanmar has empowered the young (and old) by creating a space where race, creed, and socio-economic background are irrelevant. Film by James Holman.

A Life Lesson in Mountain Biking: To Descend You Must First Climb (6 mins)
Ben Hildred lives his life around bikes in Queenstown, New Zealand. This is the story of a personal challenge, a timeless lesson, and a whole lot of vertical. Film by Mind Spark Cinema.

Sawanobori (13 mins)
"The revered art of scaling mountain streams, despite Mother Nature doing all she can to push back." Film by The North Face.

Seatrekking (4 mins)
By combining hiking, climbing, swimming and diving, Bernard Wache and crew have created a method of expedition they're calling Seatrekking. Film by Cedric Schanze.

Rise (14 mins)
One of the hardest single-pitch climbs on Earth is hidden in the woodlands of Cadarese, Italy, and climber Jacopo Larcher wants to keep it a monument. Film by The North Face.