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Movie Night Pt. 1: Made in Colorado

Get the snacks & find your seats, it's Mountain Standard Movie Night.

Now presenting a collection of long and short videos that share stories of high spirits, perseverance, and adventures forged in the outdoors... so you can take a break from all this inside time.

Our first MTN Movie Night features a selection of movies centered on adventures and adventurers from right in our Colorado backyard. So silence your phones, grab a Friday night beverage, and dim the lights. It's movie time.

We hope you enjoy our selection. If we're missing any of your favorites please leave a comment at the bottom of the page with links to your recommended videos and we'd be happy to add them to the lineup.

Power on compadres. 


The Legend of Rafael (7 mins)
After biking from Mexico City to Fort Collins, Rafael uses bike maintenance to make his mark on the Colorado cycling community.

The Shakedown Cruise (7 mins)
Our own Alton Richardson documents the highs and lows of his first big wall free climb up the legendary Freerider route on El Capitan.

A Fairy Tale (7 mins)
John Shocklee of Silverton, CO stays young by doing what he loves, and what he loves more than anything else is skiing. (Some salty language)

Life of Pie (11 mins)
The aspirations of Jen and Anne bring the community of Fruita, CO together around singletrack mountain biking and damn good pizza. (Some salty language)

The Wolf Pack (12 mins)
A heartwarming story of trail running and self-reflection, featuring the Braford-Lefebrve family of Silverton, CO.

Standing Man (13 mins)
Durango-based cyclist Payson McElveen races for the fastest known time on the 160km White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park.

The Frenchy (17 mins)
82-year old Jacques is a ski racing and mountain bike legend to this day, in part because of his contagious laughter, epic tales of survival, and pure love of life. 

How to Run 100 Miles (28 mins)
Jayson Sime leaves behind a life of poverty, homelessness, and bullying to chase his first 100-mile mountain ultramarathon.

Break on Through: (29 mins)
With her sights set on some of climbing's most advanced routes,19-year-old Margo Hayes of Boulder attempts to make history as the first female climber to break the 5.15 barrier. 

BONUS: Dancing With the Mountains (2 mins)
Go skiing with John Denver.