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Movie Night Pt. 2: Power On


Before the show starts, we just want to say thanks to everyone who wrote in with friendly messages and high fives after our first Movie Night last week. Your support and positivity go a long way, and we're glad you're enjoying our new look.

Tonight we're back with a Movie Night sequel and think you're going to love the fresh line up. Our selection features stories of gritdetermination and (more often than not) sheer stubbornness in the face of adversity. The kind of #PowerOn attitude that we could all use a little more of these days.

So put on some fresh sweatpants (or don't), raise a beer to another Friday night, and settle into your favorite chair. It's movie time, we hope you enjoy.

Power on compadres.


A Mile an Hour (18 mins)
Beau Miles has the ultimate day of running, and making, and fixing, and being. An uplifting story about practicality and determination.

Sam (9 mins)
Duck hunting dogs should be hardworking and obedient, but it seems no one told Sam that. Get the tissues, this YETI film is one of our all-time favorites.

Safe Haven (8 mins)
The violent crime rate in Memphis was 351% higher than the national average. Then Memphis Rox climbing gym opened with a goal to make the community more active and involved.

Fast Forward (8 mins)
Lael Wilcox tests the limits of ultra-distance bikepacking on one of the toughest challenges in the region, the Arizona Trail.

For the Love of Mary (7 mins)
Every year 97-year-old George Etzweiler races to the summit of New Hampshire's Mountain Washington. "He doesn't keep track of his heart rate, he has a pacemaker to do that."

Ascend (6 mins)
After losing a leg to cancer, Jon Wilson turned to mountain biking as a crutch for setting physical goals and readjusting to post-op life.

Fast Horse (14 mins)
A team of Siksika horseman builds a team of secondhand horses and new jockeys to compete in a new form of bareback horse racing: the Indian Relay. 

BONUS: Shred It From Home (4 mins)
Adventures close to home brought to you by Outside Online.