Adam Goldberg


Adam Goldberg

Hometown: Boston, MA 

Currently Resides: Atlanta, GA 

Day job: Photographer

Favorite way to earn your beers: Long hike that ends at a waterfall

Your go-to RIMBY trip: Still learning my new backyard. In Colorado it was Rocky Mountain National Park.
field-agent-adamWhat you never leave home without: Camera, hot sauce, and good music

You’re definitely not an expert at: Puzzles

Spirit animal: Tiger

Favorite outdoor cause(s):
Environmental Defense Fund

Favorite 3 MS products
: Socks – Extremely comfortable on long treks. Green Chile Salsa – Delicious flavor at the campsite or at home.  Standard Issue Insulator – Perfect lightweight jacket for cooler hikes or as a layering piece under the Terrain N Rain Shell.

Two truths, one lie:
I have never taken a formal photography class, I once spent 3 nights in the woods by myself in the middle of winter, and I previously worked for the Federal Government doing counter-terrorism.

Social accounts:
Instagram - @adamgoldbergphotography
Twitter - @agoldbergphoto
Facebook –  Adam Goldberg Photography

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