Alton Richardson

Hometown: Livermore, CA

Currently Resides: In a van on the Front Range, CO. 

Day job: Photographer/Cinematographer 

Favorite way to earn your beers: Grade III free climbs in the alpine or Yosemite. 

Your go-to RIMBY trip: Car to car missions in the Flatirons. 

What you never leave home without: Camera. 

You’re definitely not an expert at: Van electrical wiring. 

Hype song: At the moment: It’s a Vibe - 2 Chainz & Carry On - Crosb, Stills, Nash & Young. 

Spirit animal: Eagle. 

Favorite outdoor cause(s): Access Fund, POW

Favorite MS product and why: Performance Hoodie. I’ve worn it for the last 2 years on virtually every day rock climbing, skiing or anything having to do with the mountains. It never stays wet, breaths better then you’d think and blocks wind like a boss. 

Two truths, one lie: I’m an Eagle Scout, I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years, I hate pastries.  

Social accounts: INSTA - @agrphoto / VSCO - @agrphoto / / athletes/agrphoto 


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