Anna Wong

Hometown: Concord, North Carolina

Currently Resides: Buena Vista, Colorado

Day job: Project Manager for a Development Company

Favorite way to earn your beers: Long day of being outside.


Your go-to RIMBY trip: Hikes to high mountain lakes in the summer or a tour on Cottonwood or Independence Pass in the winter.

What you never leave home without: My camera

You’re definitely not an expert at: River sports - currently working on kayaking and hoping to get comfortable behind the oars of a raft while we're on the Grand Canyon this fall.

Hype song: Embarrassingly, it's currently: Sit Still, Look Pretty

Spirit animal: Hummingbird

Favorite outdoor cause(s): Empowering young women through the outdoors

Favorite 3 MS products and why: Terrain and Rain Shell - Because it's a perfect shell for skiing in the winter (in or out of bounds); Both RIMBY Tanks - they're great to casually wear around town or hike in in the summer! 2 for 1 deal!; Merino Camp Sock - it's awesome for hiking, skiing, hitting the gym or wearing casually... for its price, you can't find a better deal!

Two truths, one lie: I know most facts about Taylor Swift, currently spending the summer living in a 1970s camper, I love coffee.

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