Beth Kolakowski


Name (nickname): Beth

Hometown: Kinnelon, NJ

Currently Resides: Boulder, CO

Day job: Marketing & Communications Consultant

Favorite way to earn your beers: Moderate, multi-pitch climbs and/or short backpacking trips on work nights.


Your go-to RIMBY trip: A desert climbing trip largely overshadowed by birding, coffee and pancakes.

What you never leave home without: My binoculars! If birding is cool, consider me Miles Davis.

You’re definitely not an expert at: Water sports, or big drops on my bike (ask my helmet, and my friends).

Hype song: Mississippi Queen by Mountain (my Dad is going to be so proud). But seriously, you should listen to it.

Spirit animal: I’ve always had a really hard time with this one! I used to think I was a total hardball, but now I’m somewhere in between a bird and a unicorn.  


Favorite outdoor cause(s): Leave No Trace, and anyone who’s trying to bring awareness to outdoor etiquette and preservation.

Favorite MS product and why: Women’s lightweight hoodie - because it makes me look classy-ish even if I’ve been wearing it for a few days.

Two truths, one lie: I have six tattoos. I love yoga. I was a boxer.

Social accounts:

IG: @after5adventures

Twitter: @after5adventure

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