Brian Rasch


Name (nickname): Brian Rasch (Sunny Jim)

Hometown: The Great American West

Currently Resides: Northern Colorado

Mé·tier: Designer 

Favorite way to earn your beers: Type 2 fun! Bikepacking, Backcountry Skiing, & Mountaineering – sometimes all in the same day. 


Your go-to RIMBY trip: W i n t e r: Themed ski touring a few miles down the road, where everyone dresses up in costume & brings food/drink to share. S u m m e r: trail running to the base of Grey Rock after work, scramble up the west aspect, & watch the sunset before running down by headlamp.

What you never leave home without: A jar of Justin’s Honey PB – YUM.

You’re definitely not an expert at: For loving winter season & activities, ice skating immediately comes to mind… the struggle is real.

Hype song: Try Me Out Sometime by BRONCHO. If it’s winter time… Sylvan Esso warms me up & gets me moving.

Spirit animal: A giraffe would be too obvious because of my height – my friends seem to agree on Mountain Goat. I thrive in desolate spaces, but never feel alone. I also eat…A LOT.

Favorite outdoor cause(s): Leave No Trace. They have made a huge impact on the summer programs I’ve been involved in, equipping/teaching our next generations how to tread lightly & care for our public lands.

Favorite MS product and why: Terrain N’ Rain jacket – it is a steal for the technology inside. Soft, ventilated, great fit, keeps you dry without becoming clammy.

Two truths, one lie: I’m French-Canadian, size thirteen shoe since thirteen, & I played drums in a jazz metal band.  

Social accounts: Instagram: @SoleadoJim


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