Jamison Brandenburg


Name (nickname): Jamison Brandenburg - JimmyJam

Hometown: Dripping Springs, Texas (we all call it Drip for short)

Currently Resides: Nacogdoches, Texas

Day job: When I'm not finishing up my degree in Forestry I work for the Texas Forest Service.

Favorite way to earn your beers: Definitely backpacking.  Putting in a solid day of trail work isn't too bad either.

Your go-to RIMBY trip: Enchanted Rock was a staple for me out in the hill country.  There's a myriad of really neat RIMBY trips in the hill country.  Davy Crockett National Forest while I'm out in East Texas.

What you never leave home without:
With all the really neat parks in Nac my disc golf frisbees are always in the trunk of my car.   

You're definitely not an expert at: Skiing. I can get down a black diamond but it ain't pretty.

Hype song: I'm almost always listening to something.  Here's three for now:  Only For You - Heartless Bastards, Sunday Candy - Chance the Rapper, and Float On - Modest Mouse

Spirit Animal: Definitely a bear.  Bears are usually independent and strong willed characters.  They don't really let much get in their way.   

Favorite outdoor cause(s): Tree Campus USA is a project by the Arbor Day Foundation aimed at establishing and maintaining healthy urban forests on college and university campuses across the country.  Some of the best causes are personally relatable. 


Favorite MS product and why: For sure the Standard Issue Insulator.  The jacket is crazy warm and the stitching pattern gives it a look unlike any other insulators out there right now.  It's an overall badass jacket.   

Two truths, one lie: I have a drawer full of stickers,  I enjoy camping with my cat named Maple,  I brew my own beer in my apartment.  

Follow along: @mountainstandardjimmyjam

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