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Adam Ambro

If you've met the Mountain Standard team, you may know that we're a bit obsessed with the world of overland travel and the trucks/vans/rigs that can grant you access to some of the planet's most wild places. We think that may have had something to do with why we so quickly fell in love with the work of local artist, Adam Ambro.

From Range Rovers to Westfalia, Adam's work captures some of the world's most iconic adventuremobiles and recreates them with handcrafted imperfections over a canvas of Colorado newspaper. We sat down with him recently to learn more about where he finds inspiration, and what he'd choose as his own dream mobile.


MTN: How did you find your start as an artist?
AA: During architectural grad school I started screwing around with pens and markers more (I had always drawn, painted, etc as a kid). While technically a creative profession, my art has been a great balance to all of the day to day activities that accompany architecture.

MTN: How would you describe your style? 
AA: Somewhere between fine art, illustration, and technical drawing.


MTN: Do you listen to music while you work? Who’s on your regular rotation?
AA: Absolutely. Live Widespread Panic shows via are a go-to.  Greensky Bluegrass is another staple.  And there's lots of Fleetwood Mac, Tupac and Taylor Swift in between it all.

MTN: Do you own any of the rigs featured in your artwork?  
AA: I've been a Toyota guy for a while now, but never to the level of those in my work.  My 3rd gen 4Runner was recently upgraded to an older Lexus GX.  If I had to choose, Commonwealth Classics (one of my long time patrons) would have a restored Defender on its way to Golden (Colorado)...for my wife to drive. 

MTN: What’s your white whale?
AA: I used to seek out specific vehicles but quickly learned the magic lies in the individual character of each vehicle, not necessarily what it is. For instance, an older Volvo 240 wagon was NEVER on my radar. But when I stumbled across it, I've never been more excited about getting a drawing started!  Unfortunately, ski resort parking lots have been a great source of inspiration over the years.  Hopefully, we get them back soon! (This interview was conducted while all Colorado ski resorts were closed due to coronavirus travel restrictions.)


A selection of Adam's 11x14" prints are now available on our site, so be sure to explore his work and support Colorado's art scene by picking up a print or two of your own. You can also follow Adam and find his latest work at:
Adam Ambro Designs (Facebook)

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