Mitch Warnick

Hometown: technically Atlanta (go Falcons), but I haven’t lived there in 10 years and, since then, have lived in Charleston, Boulder, and (currently)…

Currently Resides: Gunnison

Day job: Grad school—soon to graduate from WSCU’s Masters in Environmental Management program!  That being said, I am photographer through and through and have stayed focused on that throughout it all (meaning most of my life).  I just (literally—hours ago) found out I’ll be heading to Lake Tahoe for 6 months to work on management of the Desolation Wilderness, as well as developing a photography project.

Favorite way to earn your beers: Skiing and hiking—the best beers come after earning turns or summiting an awesome mountain.  There are a few of those opportunities around Colorado, I think.

My photo selection is from an ascent of Wetterhorn Peak in August 2015. I particularly enjoy this photo for it's simplicity.  The silhouettes of my friends Will and Liz as they gaze at the coming challenges between us and the summit really instill the scale and severity of our surroundings.  Uncompahgre Peak is seen in the background--at 14,308', it is the tallest peak in the San Juans (Wetterhorn is 14,016') and the 5th tallest in Colorado.

Your go-to RIMBY trip:  I have some secret desert hideouts I always return to when heading west, but when it comes to Colorado I like to diversify.  I suppose you could say my ‘go to’ is outside—there is a lifetime’s worth of unbelievable stuff to explore just within Gunnison County!

What you never leave home without: Hopefully my keys.  But seriously, I always bring my camera along for anything outdoor-related.  On a broader scale, I pretty much use my MS 38L Utility Pack every day for everything—work, school, adventure, traveling…you name it.

You’re definitely not an expert at: A lot of stuff!  We’ll go with quantum physics for this one, though.

Hype song:  This is a really tough one—different songs for different purposes.  You could hear me listening to anything from Uprising by Muse to Welcome to Atlanta by Luda.  No matter what the occasion or the activity, STS9 is always a go to for any time any where.

Spirit animal: I’ve always felt like a fox is my spirit animal.  While I will always stick with the fox, my old tarot-card-toting neighbor determined my spirit animal may be a dove…but like I said, I’m sticking with fox.

Favorite outdoor cause(s): I am a huge fan of the Conservation Alliance.  The underlying ‘cause’ is the powerful and constantly growing relationship between the outdoor recreation industry and efforts to conserve our beautiful, wild lands.  I’m also going to throw in a second one—the Our Wild initiative from The Wilderness Society.  They are working diligently to break down ‘exclusive’ borders when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors.  I really could go on and on about both of these, but I would really recommend checking both of them out on your own—powerful stuff.

Favorite MS product and why: 38L Utility Pack—easy.  Like I said before, this pack goes everywhere and does everything with me and has yet to disappoint (or really show any wear and tear…).  I could now add a ton of expansions and updates to my previous review of this pack, but go check it out.

Two truths, one lie: I was born in Canada.  I was in a frat in undergrad.  I am related to Meriwether Lewis.  Which one is which??

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