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Rob Herrmann of Yakoda

Rob Herrmann is a content creator with a serious passion for the outdoors.

He strives to find creative photography and videography solutions to all types of needs. Entirely self-taught with a camera, Rob operates as a freelance photographer and has filled several roles in video production with companies including Netflix and MTV.

Rob also runs content for our buddies over at Yakoda Supply. Recently he took to the water to photograph our Spring Giveaway with Boulder-based brands Yakoda, Rovr, and Zeal. His photos absolutely crushed it, so we followed up with Rob to learn more about his process, finding inspiration in nature, and his favorite self-isolation recipe (it's a good one).

MTN: How did photography for you evolve from a casual hobby to running your own business?

RH: I really enjoy capturing and telling the stories of other people's experiences while hunting and fishing. Learning to shoot my own adventures in life paved a smooth road to doing a similar service for others. My business is based around that appreciation for the outdoors.

I also shoot personal and guided fishing and hunting trips. I have been really fortunate to be a part of some incredible hunts and backcountry trips that have lead me to clients I now consider great friends. The harder the work, the better the photos in most cases. Anybody who is willing to go off-grid for an adventure has a welcoming place in my network.

Sharing and capturing the gritty, nasty moments of a tough trip was a newfound way to challenge me that could set baseball aside for good. It has also been an incredible education for me following industry professionals around over the past several years. It's the best way to learn and grow both personally and professionally. Something I can be happy to do for several years to come.

MTN: You're the Content Director over at Yakoda SupplyHow did you get involved with those guys, and what are you working on these days?

RH: I actually introduced myself to the Yakoda crew via Instagram. At the time they literally had a Foam Trucker Hat and two Fly Tins as their only product offerings. I had been in Colorado for around a year working for a baseball facility and doing photography work on the side. When I first discovered Yakoda I was immediately intrigued by their quality of design and general aesthetic. It was easy to see they were a start-up that had done their homework.

In a four-man operation, it translates to a fun mix of everything. For the most part, I create all of our content and photo/video assets used across all digital platforms. I also manage some PR efforts and the social media outlets which is a fun way to get to feature more of my work and continue to grow as a content creator. Fortunately, with a company focused primarily on flyfishing, my role includes lots of days on the river combining a little bit of work with a lot of play.

MTN: Where do you turn to find inspiration?
RH: Inspiration can come in a lot of forms for me. Certainly other photographers and artists, but I really enjoy the variety of influence that nature itself provides. When you finally take the time to just sit down and observe, wherever you are - there's always something to find fascinating or inspirational in a different way.

The colors and specific patterns on a leaf or a fish. Nature's ability to adapt, change and thrive however possible. Little things. They all make me realize that finding new inspiration is as simple as looking at life on a micro level. Taking the time to look closer at the minor details that would normally slip through the cracks. It's all easily lost in today's lifestyle but is right there at your fingertips once you realize it.

MTN: What do you love to do outside of photography?
RH: Anything outdoors. Camping, hunting, fishing, archery, hiking, and kayaking to name a few. If I'm able to be outside - I'm happy. I'm lucky to have a beautiful Colorado native girlfriend in my life who shares a mutual love for the outdoors.

MTN: Tell us your favorite self-isolation recipe...
RH: Filling the house with the comforting, delicious smell of venison pot roast is one of my favorite ways to feel right at home. Use my ingredients as a reference but it will work with whatever veggies you currently have in your quarantine stash...

  • Start out by slathering a Venison ball roast (beef or elk roasts will work also) with salt, pepper, herbes de provence and olive oil.
  • Sear it hot and fast on all sides in a cast iron pan, then set it aside in your crockpot or dutch oven for later. 
  • Next, throw some chopped bacon or pancetta into the cast iron with some butter and olive oil on medium heat.
  • Chop some carrots, celery, and onion and toss them in the pan when the fat has slightly rendered.
  • Sweat the veggies, add in some fresh minced garlic and 2 cups or so of red wine and beef/venison stock to deglaze the pan.
  • Dump all of your concoction over your roast, then add more red wine or stock until your roast is almost, but not quite covered.
  • Cook on low to medium heat (275 in a dutch oven) for 6-8 hours.

When the meat is fork-tender you're good to go. I love to serve it over mashed potatoes or slices of pan-fried polenta. The meat will be moist and delicious and the hearty broth will melt away any worries you currently have in the world. True home cooking for any skill level!

MTN: ...and your go-to self-isolation beer?
RH: I'm a sucker for a good local beer. Denver Beer Co in Arvada has some killers. The Incredible Petal IPA is a happy hoppy brew, Princess Yum Yum is a delicious Raspberry Kolsch for a lighter fix. They're still fulfilling to-go orders to keep the locals tipsy.

Rob Herrmann is a freelance photographer and the Content Director at Yakoda Supply. Check out more of Rob's photos and his work with Yakoda:

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