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Camp Recipe: Campfire Chilaquiles

Tired of oatmeal, breakfast scrambles, and bacon? Okay, maybe you'll never tire of bacon, but if your camp breakfast is beginning to feel a little stale, this killer recipe for campfire chilaquiles is the perfect remedy. After all, the only thing better than nachos are nachos you can acceptably eat first thing in the morning.


Some mornings are made for 3am alarms, leaving camp by headlamp, and hitting the trail before the sun rises. Other mornings are made for sipping coffee around a fire, waiting for the sun to peak over the canyon rim and warm up the water or the rock. This is a breakfast for the second type of morning. Campfire chilaquiles take time, so find an extra comfy rock seat, enter your best zen state, and get ready for some delicious breakfast nachos. Do not attempt if you’re in a hurry.

Start a fire early enough so that you’ll have a solid bed of coals roasting by the time you’re ready to cook. I recommend also having a supply of smaller pieces of wood to keep a fire going off to the side of the cooking area to keep stoking the coals. You don’t want to run out of heat half way through cooking breakfast. Managing heat is the most complicated part of this meal. The rest just requires a little chopping, and a little patience.

Note: This recipe is not so much ingredients and instructions as it is suggestions and guidelines; let what you have on hand and your hunger levels dictate what you add, and how much of it.



Bell Peppers

Appropriate Dinner Leftovers (think veggies and meats, not spaghetti, though I'm not here to judge you or your journey)

Tortilla Chips





Sour Cream or Yogurt


Step 1: Heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet over the coals. Add in chopped onions and bell peppers. Sauté. Add in whatever extra ingredients you want here. This could include leftover steak or chicken, brats, beans, green chiles…

Step 2: Once the veggies soften up, add the tortilla chips and mix with the other ingredients, then add enough salsa to thoroughly coat the chips and create a little liquid in the pan.

Step 3: Make a few depressions in the chip mixture and crack your eggs into them. If you are cooking in a dutch oven, you don’t need to make the wells, since there will be heat from the top. If you, say, forget your dutch oven at home, making the wells will help your eggs get closer to the heat source and cook faster.

Step 4: Sprinkle cheese on top, cover, and wait.

Step 5: Check the chilaquiles every so often to make sure the bottom chips aren’t burning. If you need to, flip the whole thing, or just the egg portions, to cook the eggs faster. This makes the dish a little less pretty, but speeds up the cooking time considerably.

Step 6: Top with avocado, sour cream, or greek yogurt, and dig in

Field Agent Ashley Hillard is clearly gifted in the culinary arts for coming up with a recipe like this. Find her on the river when its warm, the slopes when its cold, or just kicking it with her awesome mountain pup, Dazee when there's nothing better to do! Check out her instagram to follow her on her next adventure.