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Our Top 5 Summer Camp Cans

If you're not camping with beer then you're wrong. And if you're going to be earning your beers then you might as well be drinking something half decent.

Luckily, most breweries are now adjusting to the outdoor drinking movement and putting their beer in cans. They're lighter than glass, more durable and less likely to break on the trail, and way easier to crush and pack out. Do yourself and your campground a favor and choose cans.

Here's what I've been pulling out of my cooler this month:


Odell Brewing Co.'s St. Lupulin

Odell brews St. Loop in homage to one particular hop farmer who spent endless summers busting ass tending to his crops. For a dry-hopped pale, this one's not too bitter and actually shows a ton of sweet citrus flavor.
Brewery Location: Fort Collins, CO
Style: American Pale (it's only Extra because it's higher abv and hoppier than most pales)
ABV: A sneaky 6.5%. It'll getcha.
Earned it: Glissading Zirkel Circle
Pairs Best With: Chips and salsa and bb guns



Fremont Brewing Summer Ale 

My quintessential summer can. A super simple recipe for the simplest time of the year: "2-Row Pale malt and Amarillo hops. Nutten else." Summer Ale is brewed in the PNW by folks who long for the relief of summer sunshine. This is tangerine in a can. 

Brewery Location: Seattle, WA
Style: American Pale
ABV: 5.2% drink em all day
Earned it: Sand boarding the Dunes 
Pairs Best With: Beermosa breakfasts and your summer bod



Pipeworks Brewing Co. Lizard King

Such a badass can, inside and out. Arguably the most popular beer to come of the young brewery, Lizard King is brewed with Mosaic and Amarillo hops that give the beer a tropical fruit finish that's super clean and balanced. Just boozy enough to get to your head too.

Brewery Location: Chicago, IL 
Style: American Pale
ABV: 6.0% in a 16oz can
Earned it: Choppin wood
Pairs Best With: Camp fajitas and tending to the fuego



Oakshire Brewing Overcast Espresso Stout

You're stuck under a rainfly all day because summer storms just ruined your weekend and now you can't play outside. If your RIMBY is the PNW then you're used to it and know that bitching gets you nowhere, so you resort to Plan B(eer). Overcast is deep and dark like the weather you're avoiding, but packs just enough espresso kick to keep you focused on the day's boondoggle.  

Brewery Location: Eugene, OR 
Style: Oatmeal Stout
ABV: 5.2%
Earned it: Assertively kicking ass in Egyptian Rat Screw
Pairs Best With: These guys and recovery days



Coors Banquet

Don't drink it to be impressed, drink it because it's the weekend (or maybe it's not) and you're in Colorado. Official beer of Sam Elliott. 

Brewery Location: Golden, CO 
Style: American Lager
ABV: 5.0%. Always get the 24-pack. You'll be needing it.
Earned it: RIMBY trippin my favorite spot
Pairs Best With: I honestly can't think of anything not to pair Banquet with.


Cheers to drinking whatever quenches your thirst with the best people you'll ever meet. Signing off... we'll see ya out there.

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