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A Grand Adventure


Rafting the Grand Canyon was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I hope to do multiple times in my life.

About a year and a half ago, I got lucky enough to pull a permit for a large private raft trip on the Grand Canyon. After months of planning, we finally got on the river this past September. 



Being on the river with 16 of your friends, making your way a few hundred miles in a matter of weeks is something you can’t really describe. It’s hard to put a trip like this into words - 20 days on the river - away from the rest of the world surrounded by canyon walls, so I’ll resort to the top 10 things about an extended river trip of this sort and the top 5 things not to forget.



TOP 10 Things about Rafting the Grand Canyon

  1. Unreal sunsets on the canyon walls
  2. Boat sleeping - Forget about a tent, throw your paco pad and sleeping bag on the raft and get lulled to sleep by the eddy
  3. Big water - I mean BIG WATER. We rafted some of the craziest rapids I’ve ever seen, and it was SO FUN and insane
  4. Flat water - perfect for an afternoon happy hour on the boats, or floating behind the raft in our blow-up unicorn
  5. Side hikes - we hiked to more waterfalls than I’ve seen in my life
  6. Insane camp dinners - complete with appetizers and dessert
  7. No technology - no phone service, no email, no social media
  8. Drinks and games around the campfires - every night!
  9. Crazy views of the milky way and countless shooting stars
  10. 20 whole days to get better at being on the oars



5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget

  1. Camp chairs - a must for around the fire at night
  2. Hats, sunscreen and long sleeve shirts - gotta protect your skin from the sun
  3. Games - think cards, beersbee, horseshoes... The list goes on and on!
  4. A pair of good socks and tennis shoes in addition to your rafting shoes
  5. A good book and a headlamp!




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Words, wisdom & photos from Ambassador, Anna Toll.
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